Who will you be eating?

Who will you be eating?
The Brooklyn Paper / Ben Muessig

Here’s the thing about bugs — they’re packed with protein, they’re low in fat and they’re everywhere! But there’s the ever-present squeamishness factor, so we called the experts for a primer on what to look for when you look under a rock for your next meal.


(Tenebrio molitor)

Mealworms are the larvae of the mealworm beetle, a prolific breeders, usually laying up to 500 eggs. They have a very nutty, almond-like taste with hints of bacon.

Use roasted or fried in anything

Wax moth larvae

(Pyralis farinalis)

The larvae of wax moths, the worms are so names for their tendency to eat pollen and chew through beeswax. They have a mild nutty flavor.

Use in ceviche

Maguey worm

(Aegiale hesperiaris)

The maguey worm is a caterpillar that infests maguey and Agave plants, and is a traditional delicacy in Mexican cooking. They taste nutty and rich, with an agave-like sweetness.

Use deep fried or braised, and served in a tortilla


(Gryllus assimilis)

Crickets are common insects known more for their chirp than their taste. But that’s changing, thanks to their earthy, crunchy mouthfeel.

Roast with chili and lime and dig in.