Why stop drinking when St. Patrick’s Day is over?

Why stop drinking when St. Patrick’s Day is over?
Photo by Steve Solomonson

The mixologists at the Wicked Monk in Bay Ridge have developed an ingenious secret weapon to fight this weekend’s inevitable St. Patrick’s Day hangover — more drinking!

“It’s like what you learn in school, two negatives make a positive,” explained Wicked Monk bartender Daniel Hallahan, who will be hosting a special hangover party on March 18, where $3 Bloody Mary specials will be a welcome alternative to the gallons of water and fistfuls of Tylenol traditionally taken by those still reeling from the side affects of too much St. Patrick’s Day cheer.

“The Bloody Mary is a typical hangover drink,” said Hallahan. “These days, people are more inclined to drink vodka and Red Bull as a pick-me-up, but we thought that, since it’s after St. Patrick’s Day, people would be better off with V8 than Red Bull in their vodka.”

As veteran sauce servers, the barkeeps at the Wicked Monk know a thing or two about hangovers. According to their expert analysis, there are two days where hangovers traditionally prevail: the day after St. Patrick’s Day and any given Sunday.

March 18 lands on a Sunday this year — promising a veritable perfect storm of alcohol poisoning, explained Wicked Monk bartender Maria Mangiameli.

“People are going to be miserable,” Mangiameli explained.

But once enough tomato juice cocktails have been consumed Hallahan promises that Wicked Monk patrons will be more or less back on track, and may even attempt something no sane hangover victim would attempt: a karaoke contest where the best warbler earns a $25 Wicked Monk gift certificate — guaranteeing that the winner will be back on the sauce in no time.

Whether you’re hanging off the side of a toilet, burrowed under a cold compress, or raring for another party, the hangover doctors at the Wicked Monk will have just what you need, Hallahan said.

“If your liver is still functioning, come on out,” Hallahan said.

Wicked Monk [8415 Fifth Ave. between 84th and 85th streets in Bay Ridge, (718) 921-0601] March 18 at 8 pm. For info, visit www.wickedmonk.com.

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