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Wicked women swipe goods from store, threaten clerk

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Scary shoppers

A diabolical duo stole goods from a Nostrand Avenue store on March 27 and then threatened the store clerk, cops say.

Authorities say two women were stuffing store merchandise into their bags at the shop near Avenue X at 4:45 pm. When a clerk confronted the women about their shoplifting, one pulled a box-cutter out and claimed the goods were hers, cops say.

The women fled with $160 worth of merchandise, according to a report.

Empty-handed intruder

An untraditional thief broke into an E. 24th Street home on March 27 but didn’t steal anything from the house, police say.

Authorities say the burglar broke into the home near Avenue P at 4 pm while the family was out.

The intruder opened the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen but didn’t remove any property, according to a police report.

What a tool

A crafty crook stole tools from an Avenue Y playground on March 24, an officer stated.

Police say the thief stole a hammer, multiple saws, and an electric jack from the outside play area near Bedford Avenue at 6 pm. The crook clipped the lock from the tool kit, according to a police report.

Fast fiend

Police say an opportunistic thief stole a motorcycle from an unlocked garage on E. Third Street on March 24.

Cops say the crook broke into the garage near Quentin Road at 6 pm. The motorcycle is valued at $4,500, according to a report.

Pretending to patrol

A man impersonating a police officer stole cash, electronics, and debit cards from a teenager on Shore Parkway on March 24, cops say.

The teenager was on E. 19th Street at 4 pm when the cop impersonator pulled out a badge and told the teen he fit the description of a crook. Police say the impersonator then stole the teenager’s cellphone and wallet, which contained debit cards and $100.

The thief fled on foot, according to reports.

Money madness

Police say two cold-hearted crooks stabbed a man on Avenue X on March 24 when they were trying to steal his money.

Authorities say the victim was near E. 19th Street at 1:49 am on his way home when the two violent thieves tried to grab money from the victim’s pocket.

When the victim said he didn’t have any money, cops say one of the perps stabbed him in his back.

Dirty deed

Cops cuffed a man who they said stole garbage bags from an apartment on Kings Highway on March 21, according to police.

Authorities say the alleged thief snatched boxes of the bags from the residence near Avenue P at 5 pm. He reportedly entered into the building through the basement door, cops say.

— Vanessa Ogle

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