Wild night at Black Sheep

90th Precinct


Black sheep

A man smashed a pint glass over another man’s face during a drunken melee at a S. First Street bar on June 26.

Two men were battling inside Black Sheep, a bar near Roebling Street, at 4 am, when another man tried to break up the brawl. That’s when one of the boozy combatants smashed his glass over the would-be peacemaker’s face.

Purse snatch

A thief grabbed a woman’s purse on Manhattan Avenue on June 26.

The woman told police that she was near Scholes Street at 4 am when the thief approached her from behind, pushed her down and took her purse.

Back stab

A violent thug stabbed a 41-year-old man in the back on Division Avenue on June 25.

The victim told police that he was near Broadway at 7 pm when the perp approached from behind, knifed him in the back and ran away.

Long metal

A perp struck an 18-year-old man with a metal pipe on Union Avenue on June 26.

The victim was near Scholes Street at 3:30 am when the perp approached him and hit his arm before fleeing into a Meserole Street building.

Shoulder stab

A perp stabbed a 32-year-old man in his shoulder on Lorimer Street on June 26.

The victim told police he was near Stagg Street at 3:15 am when the perp approached him and cut his left shoulder.

Taped up

Three gunmen stole thousands in jewelry and watches from a Grand Street shop on June 23.

The perps entered the store at 4:25 pm, with one flashing a black firearm and demanding the goods.

The perps tied the store manager’s feet with duct tape, grabbed $8,775 in jewelry and fled down Humboldt Street.

Train push

Two thieves stole a computer from a woman on Union Avenue on June 22 after pushing her to the ground.

The woman was heading to the J-train station near S. First Street at 8:25 am when the perps approached her, shoved her roughly, and took her laptop.

iPhone snatch

A thief grabbed a woman’s iPhone on Montrose Avenue, setting off a mad chase that led to his arrest on June 21.

The woman was walking her dogs near Leonard Street at 11:46 pm when the thief approached her from the front and took the fancy phone.

With pups in tow, the victim chased after the thug, and two witnesses held him for police.

Jobsian effort

Two perps stole a man’s iPhone on S. Second Street on June 19.

The man was near Bedford Avenue at 11:40 pm when the perps grabbed him. “Give me your cellphone,” one said, and the man obliged.

White flight

A bike-riding, knife-toting thief chased down a victim on White Street on June 20, eventually getting him to cough up $260.

The victim was hanging out near Bogart Street at 4:36 am when the perp rode up and asked him for a cigarette.

When the victim said no, the perp demanded cash, another request that was greeted negatively.

When the victim fled, the thief gave chase, eventually corning the man near Johnson Avenue, where the victim gave up the cash.

Lots of burgs

There were at least four burglaries in the area last week. Here are the gory details:

• A thief stole instruments from a Hope Street music studio on June 21. The victim told police that he left his workplace near Roebling Street at 10 pm, and returned four days later to find his keyboard, Fender guitar, and telecaster missing.

• A thief stole more than $12,000 worth of tools from a River Street storage facility over the June 17 weekend. The business owner of the unit near Metropolitan Avenue lost saws, drills, and hand tools were missing.

• A thief stole a laptop from a S. First Street apartment between June 22 and June 23.

The tenant left her apartment near Havemeyer Street at 10 am, but when she returned the next day, her stuff was missing.

• A thief stole a computer and iPad from an apartment on S. Fifth Street near Bedford Avenue between 9 am and 7:45 pm on June 20.

Truck safe

A thief stole $2,845 from a safe inside a company delivery truck on Montrose Avenue on June 24.

The driver parked near Lorimer Street at 12:25 pm, but when he returned four hours later, he saw the safe was unlocked and the cash was gone.

— Aaron Short