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Williamsburg, soon to be animal-product-free-restaurant-free

Ve-gone: A cook at Foodswings shows off a plate of vegan fare that you should get while you can, if fried fake meat is your cup of tea.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Brooklyn vegans are down a place to get fried chicken, minus the chicken, now that an animal-cruelty-free Williamsburg staple is closing its doors.

Foodswings, one of the only vegan restaurants in Brooklyn and a guilty pleasure of ultra-ethical animal lovers, announced this week that it will close its doors in 2014 because its landlord is tripling the rent and welcoming in a sushi restaurant. A worker at the humane-but-not-health-conscious eatery on Grand Street said he saw it coming.

“It’s Williamsburg, and that’s what happens here now,” said Foodswings manager Tyler Krupsky. “The neighborhood has changed immensely and we are just the latest ones to go.”

Krupsky said the vegan fast food joint between Havermeyer and Roebling streets has been operating without a lease since the beginning of 2013.

Foodswings’ owners are not yet sure exactly when the restaurant will close. They originally thought they would have to be out by Dec. 31, but they are negotiating for more time, said Krupsky.

The owners may try to reopen in another location or may start a food truck, according to Krupsky.

Vegan activist Deborah Diamant, who runs the monthly fund-raiser Vegan Drinks, said she is sad that one of the few meat-and-dairy-less restaurants in the city is shutting down.

“A lot people think the food vegans eat is so strange, and Foodswings made the food seem less strange,” said Diamant.

The building’s owners could not be reached for comment.

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Moving on out: Foodswings is packed most nights, but the owners still cannot afford a threefold increase in rent.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

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