Williamsburgers’ 2010 Resolutions

Williamsburgers’ 2010 Resolutions

A new year dawns in Brooklyn, and Williamsburg’s public officials, community leaders, business owners, and personalities have made their resolutions for a successful 2010.

Vito Lopez, Assemblymember, 53rd District

To continue to work hard To continue to provide the much needed social services and affordable housing to the borough of Brooklyn and the 53 assembly district.

Iris R. Jimenez-Hernandez, senior vice president, Woodhull North Brooklyn Network

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to provide the communities of North Brooklyn with quality healthcare. I look forward to introducing new programs for cancer care and women’s health, and continuing the expansion of our geriatric services.

Diana Reyna, Council member, 34th District

After a hard fought and contested election last November, I will continue to act as the voice of my community, engaging and activating our constituency.Shortly, my office will begin an empowerment campaign where we will civically educate and register residents making certain their voices are not muted.

Charley Ryan, founder, Brooklyn Bowl

Live smarter. Be kinder. Spend more time with animals. Learn new tricks. Don’t look back!

Amy Kisch, community liaison, Williamsburg Gallery Association

To renew, with increased dedication, my daily resolution of a commitment to compassion, connection and creativity within my community and myself.

Alyssa Key, founder, Love Brigade

Obstacles Offer Opportunity… Figure out my focus in this economy’s confusing pressures, and do it now. Focus on Love Brigade, focus on me, no excuses. I always survive just gotta find that opportunity!

Susan Albrecht, Associate Director, Progress of Peoples Development Corporation

To learn to throw and catch a frisbee, and ultimately play Frisbee with my kids in Bushwick Inlet Park, regardless of whether or not it’s open.

Gary Schlesinger, executive board chairman, UJcare

Working with my community members, my electeds and other concerned residents to bring our community together as never before, so good outcomes in how our community gets developed and preserved becomes the norm.

Rob Solano, executive director, Churches United for Fair Housing

To empower people to believe in their community and not as a individuals and for the community board and the community to agree on at least one rezoning this year.

Paul Pullo, president, MetroEnergy

I want to spend more time with family while still volunteering for important causes and running a business.

Julie Lawrence, chair, Community Board 1 Environmental Committee

For the coming year, I plan to focus my energy on two projects, one is an ambitious city-wide urban agriculture education project; the other is the continued activation of the Pulaski Bridge Coalition, whose goal is to increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers on the Pulaski Bridge, bringing folks together from Brooklyn and Queens.

David Maundrell, CEO, Apartments and Lofts

I really want to get something done about the ugly construction fences in the neighborhood. Local artists, children, something to brighten things up and make passerbyers say, “Wow that is really great”.

Elana Levin, spokesperson, Writers Guild for America

The WGAE is working to expand the tax credit for making films in NYC so that it includes incentives for hiring locally based, and diverse, script writers. That would have a positive impact on the creative community here and around the state.Also, I resolve to watch more movies, tv & webisodes this year. Hey, it’s my job!”

Peter Gillespie, Executive Director, NAG

Besides working towards transforming the political and economic system so that it benefits low-to moderate income households, independently-owned businesses and manufacturers, and community based initiatives; I resolve to learn how to make eggplant parmigiana from scratch.

Chris Henderson, founder, Moviehouse

For Moviehouse, I resolve to keep experimenting with video and performance and bring back the puppets even if it kills me.

Luis Garden Acosta, founder, El Puente

I resolve to work harder in our movement for good government policies to reclaim our housing, schools, parks, community, health and the environment.

Steve Levin, Council member, 33rd District

It is my hope that I will be able to serve to the best of my ability and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Editor's note: This story was updated on January 11 to update Susan Albrecht's assocation. She is no longer a community board member, and, as of January 11, NAG co-chair, as was previously mentioned.