Wine and canine meet-up is cutest thing ever

Wine and canine meet-up is cutest thing ever
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Puppies and wine — indisputably two of humanity’s favorite things — are coming together for the ultimate happy hour.

The Furman Street pet spa the Wag Club is helping dogs learn etiquette and people kick back and sip shiraz in a gathering fittingly called “Wine ‘N Puppies.”

“We really want to help humans become better dog owners and develop a real bond with their beloved pooches,” said John Squires, owner of the animal spa famous for its “pawdicures.” “It’s a social hour for social cues.”

The meet-up is reserved for hounds ages 3 to 16 weeks — a critical time for dogs to adjust to the real world.

Certified trainer Rob Haussmann, who broke in Mayor Bloomberg’s dogs, plays traffic sound clips and pushes vacuum cleaners to acclimate the pets to city noise, and gives owners tips on barking, nipping and housebreaking as he watches canine faux pas.

It isn’t the most relaxing environment to sample a fine wine — but dog owners like Nicole Glazebrook are willing to sacrifice a little comfort knowing their pups are getting the training they need.

“We want him to be more dog like,” said Glazebrook, a Brooklyn Heights resident whose 16-week-old pint-sized dachshund, Milo, hid behind his owner when twin golden retrievers pounced on him. “He’s definitely shy and annoys older dogs. It’s nice for him to get social practice.”

Prospect Heights resident Gail Rothschild said that her 15-week-old goldie, Petra, has become “a mature young lady” since joining the vino sessions — though she’s not allowed any adult drinks.

“The wine definitely lubricates the process,” she said. “There are other puppy groups out there, but none like this one.”

Wine ‘N Puppies social hour at the Wag Club [362 Furman St. at Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights, (347) 689-6925], every Monday from 7:30-8:30 pm. $15. For info, visit www.wagclubny.com.

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