Winners and losers in the goose massacre

Prospect Park now has a real swan lake
The Brooklyn Paper / Stephen Brown

Now that all the geese of Prospect Park lake have been exterminated in a stunning act of gossicide, The Brooklyn Paper takes a look at the winners and losers:


Fishermen: It will be a lot easier to catch that big bass now that the geese won’t be getting hooked.

Swans and ducks: They’ll no longer be competing with aggressive geese for breadcrumbs and other scraps. The whole lake is theirs.

Air travelers: No need to worry about another “bird strike” — if the feds have their way, there will be no geese within seven miles of all city airports.


Geese: They’re all dead.

Parents: How do they answer the tough question, “Mommy, where did all the geese go?”

Tupper Thomas: Park Administrator has gone silent, just as Prospect Park Alliance donors are wondering what is going on.

Loser: Park Administrator Tupper Thomas
Photo by Tom Callan