With the candlestick! Woman arrested in home decor attack

90th Precinct


With the candlestick!

Police arrested a 44-year-old woman accused of attacking a lady with a glass candle holder at the corner of Varet and Humboldt streets on Dec. 11.

The suspect allegedly grabbed and ripped the victim’s shirt at around 10:15 am, then smashed her several times on the head with the piece of home decor, according to documents from the District Attorney’s office.

Lifter, puller

Cops nabbed a shoplifter who allegedly pulled a store employee’s hair when the worker intervened on Dec. 13.

The clerk told investigators she saw the thief grabbing merchandise from the retail establishment on Broadway between Debevoise Street and Manhattan Avenue at around 12:45 pm.

When the worker tried to stop the suspect from making off with the goods, the 33-year-old woman accused of the theft grabbed the employee’s hair and struck her in the face, according to the District Attorney’s office.


A 26-year-old woman pried open mailboxes with a metal bar inside a Grattan Street apartment building on Dec. 12, prosecutors allege.

Cops arrested the suspect in the building between Knickerbocker and Porter avenues at around 2:20 pm and claim they found her to be in possession of a pipe containing crack cocaine residue and a small bag of heroin.

— Ben Muessig