Woman groped on Avenue R

Rolling groper

A free-wheeling thug attacked a 47-year-old woman on E. Seventh Street on Aug. 13, grabbing her buttocks.

The victim was nearing Avenue R at 11:10 pm when the unidentified suspect rolled by and pinched her.

Chateau crook

A thief broke into the Chateau De Alik on Avenue U on Aug. 14, taking a laptop computer and a hard drive to the eatery’s security system.

The crook broke inside the catering hall, which is located near E. 12th Street, sometime after 4 am.

Ave. S drug bust

Five people were arrested on Avenue S on Aug. 11 during a botched drug bust.

Witnesses said the suspects, the oldest 44, the youngest 26, were in the middle of their transaction at 8:30 pm near E. Second Street when a patrolman saw what was happening and intervened.

Car troubles

A 20-year-old motorist tried to run down a 39-year-old woman with his car following an argument on Avenue U on Aug. 11.

The victim and the motorist were arguing near Homecrest Avenue when the suspect ran to his car, gunned the engine and tried to hit her with his vehicle.

No injuries were reported.

Grocery grab

A thief snaked his hand into a woman’s shopping bag inside a Kings Highway grocery on Aug. 13, taking her wallet.

The woman, 40, was purchasing something from store, which is near E. 14th Street, when the thief made off with her property.

Rip-roaring attack

An unhinged 21-year-old was arrested on Aug. 13 after he wigged out inside an E. 12th Street home — damaging a flat screen television in the process.

The thug was shut out of the home, which is between Avenue P and Quentin Road, at 7:10 am when he kicked the door until it broke off its hinges. He then threw the splintered door at the flat screen television, causing it to crack.

Cops apprehended the him a short time later, charging him with criminal mischief.

Attacked by classmate

A 21-year-old woman is being sought for attacking a 19-year-old former classmate on Kings Highway on Aug. 10 .

Whatever dispute they had on school grounds resurfaced near E. 16th Street at 5 pm, when the 21-year-old punched her victim in the face and ran off, cops were told.

— Thomas Tracy