Woman nearly loses arm in cellphone robbery

Arm-wrenching experience

A thief snagged a cellphone from a woman during a May 15 confrontation on E. 40th Street — nearly taking the lady’s arm off in the process.

The victim told police that she was seated in a car near Snyder Avenue at 11:55 pm when the 21-year-old thief reached in, grabbed her by the arm, and yanked her bodily out of the open window, taking her cellphone in the process.

The thief was arrested a short time later, charged with robbery and grand larceny.

Rock head

An 18-year-old was arrested this week for an angry April 28 robbery on Farragut Road during which the suspect brutalized a young man over an iPhone.

The victim was nearing Brooklyn Avenue at 3:10 pm when the thief snagged the phone out of his hand. But when the victim tried to get the phone back, the thief brained him with a rock — a move that left the teen hospitalized.

After a brief investigation, the thief was taken into custody, charged with robbery and assault.

Shoe swiper

A “grabby” 40-year-old thief was arrested on May 12 after he tried to rob a Fabco Shoes store on Flatbush Avenue.

Workers told police that the thief entered the store, which is near Albemarle Road, at 4:50 pm and grabbed a cashier by the arm.

The employee began to the struggle with the thief, but the palmy punk wouldn’t have it.

“Let me go, I’m robbing you,” the thief said before running off with $170.

Cleaned out

A 41-year-old thief was arrested this week when he was linked to an April 23 burglary inside a Caton Avenue apartment building.

Police said the thief swiped two drills, a shopping cart, and several boxes of garbage bags from the basement storage area sometime after 2:40 am.

But the burglar needed to take the building elevator to get to the basement — and was caught on a building security video as he did so, police said.

Munchy menace

A 28-year-old thief pulled a gun on a Church Avenue grocer on May 12 — but a brave employee showed him the door.

The 40-year-old clerk — who later helped police catch the thief — refused to hand over any money during the midnight robbery near E. 39th Street. The wood-be gunman threw a fit, yanking several items off store shelves.

Tag team

Two punks worked together to rob a 46-year-old man on Avenue I on May 7.

The victim was approaching E. 39th Street at 12:30 pm when the suspects grabbed him.

One of the thugs put the victim in a choke hold while the other flashed a knife and rifled through the man’s pockets, police were told.

Bell boob

A thief entering an E. 55th Street home checked to see if anyone was home by ringing the doorbell — but still found herself coming face-to-face with the homeowner during the May 5 break-in.

The 29-year-old suspect — a woman — forced the front door at about 2:37 pm, only to turn around and run off once she realized someone was inside.

Beaten and robbed

A dastardly duo jumped a 23-year-old man on Avenue I on May 2, taking $450 and an assortment of jewelry.

The victim was nearing E. 46th Street at 10:45 pm when the suspects grabbed him, punched him in the mouth, and took his belongings.