Woman raped in S. Fourth Street apartment

90th Precinct


Brutal rape

A suspect broke into a woman’s S. Fourth Street apartment on Dec. 6 and raped her — but was collared three days later, cops said.

The victim was in bed at 8 am, when the perp, an acquaintance of the woman, entered her apartment near Roebling Street and forced himself on her.

She tried to push him off her several times, shouting and stating, “Please stop!” but the suspect kept going.

Cops arrested a suspect three days later.

Purse snatch

A thief on a bicycle stole a 16-year-old’s purse on Scholes Street on Dec. 10.

The girl was entering her building near Union Avenue at 7:30 pm, when the perp rode up to her and pushed her into the hallway. He threatened her with a sharp object, told her, “Be quiet,” then grabbed the purse and rode away.

Gang fight

Three thugs stabbed a 19-year-old man seven times and beat up his girlfriend on Lorimer Street on Dec. 5.

The victims were near Montrose Avenue at 4:50 pm, when the perps approached and picked a fight.

One perp punched theman’s face and body while another stabbed him several times with a knife, stole his baseball cap and ran away.

Cash grab

A thief stole $50 from a woman on S. Second Street on Dec. 10.

The perp followed the victim into her building near Union Avenue at 3 pm, took her purse, and ran away.

Laptop wake-up

A thief threatened to shoot the resident of a McKibbin Street apartment before stealing two laptops on Dec. 7.

The tenant woke up at just after midnight to the sound of the thief shuffling through his room. Computers in hand, the thief said, “Don’t say anything or I’ll shoot you,” and ran toward White Street.

Irish spring

A thief stole four bars of soap from a Key Food on Grand Street and punched a clerk in the face on Dec. 6.

The suspect allegedly put the bars in a bag and tried to leave the store at 11:10 am when the clerk stopped him.

But he punched her in the face instead and ran toward Lorimer Street. A cop nabbed a suspect an hour later.

Clean pad

A thief cleaned out a woman’s electronics and cash from her S. Second Street apartment on Dec. 9.

The tenant left her apartment near Keap Street at 1:25 pm, but when she returned four hours later, she saw her iPod, TV, and safe with $550 was gone.

Ace of bass

A thief stole two bass guitars from a car parked in front of Grand Street on Dec. 11.

The driver played a show at Trash Bar near Roebling Street and put the guitars in his car at 1 am after the gig, but when he returned at 5 am, he saw his instruments were missing.

Wheel report

At least three cars were swiped:

• A thief stole an Acura on S. Second Street near Union Avenue between 3 am and 10 am on Dec. 11.

• A thief stole a Nissan from Keap Street near Grand Street beetween 7 am on Dec. 9 and 2 pm the next day.

• A thief stole a Nissan on Meserole Street near Union Avenue between noon and 7 pm on Dec. 10.

— Aaron Short