Women’s Bar Association honors new Democratic Party boss for Black History Month

Jovia Radix, Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix, Keynote speaker and Kings County Democratic Party Leader Rodneyse Bichotte, Natoya Mcghie, Justice Genine Edwards, Bernadette Nichols, Judge Sylvia Ash, and Meryl Schwartz.
Photo by Zoe Freilich

The Brooklyn Woman’s Bar Association honored Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte at its second Annual Black History Month celebration attended by scores of judges and lawyers at its Remsen Street headquarters.

Bichotte, the first African-American woman, and first woman, to be nominated as Kings County Democratic Party Leader – dubbed ‘party boss’ — was celebrated for her excellent achievements and outstanding community service, and presented with a plaque, by President, Meryl Schwartz, Esq., and in-coming President, Natoya McGhie, Esq. who also, read Bichotte’s remarkable biography.

Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez honored and and paid tribute, to Bichotte applauding her for paying a pivotal role in helping shape the judiciary.

“Today we honor and acknowledge her, achievements as the first African-American, and the first woman to be nominated as country leader. I have known Rodneyse for many years. I believe in her, and I know her decisions will continue to help Brooklyn, in terms of public safety and fairness.”

“I will work closely with her to make sure the message of fairness, and judges rights to speak out. I will continue to fight for the belief that judges can be fair, said Gonzales, adding.”

“I am super happy and proud of you, Rodneyse,” said Gonzalez, who recalled, while campaigning for the DA’s office, asked Bichotte to share her thoughts about what the justice system needed to look like, and admits, that many of the reforms that his office have implemented, over the last three years, came from conversations he had with the Assemblywoman.

Judge Kathy Levine, Judge Sylvia Ash, and Judge Ellen Spodek.Photo by Zoe Freilich
Justice Carolyn Wade, Justice Dena Douglas, Justice Wavny Toussaint, and Judge Caroline Cohen.Photo by Zoe Freilich
Keynote speaker and Kings County Democratic Party Leader Rodneyse Bichotte and Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez.Photo by Zoe Freilich
Justice Genine Edwards and Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix.Photo by Zoe Freilich
Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association President-elect Natoya Mcghie, presiding Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association President Meryl Schwartz, and Justice Genine EdwardsPhoto by Zoe Freilich
Tamara Oritz, Judge Caroline Cohen, and Judge Rosemarie Montalbano.Photo by Zoe Freilich