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Wonder-wear! Dress as a superhero at patriotic strip show

The glamazons: Wassabasco Burlesque’s annual “America, F--- Yeah” patriotic performance will feature a post-show gathering of people dressed as red, white, and blue–clad superhero Wonder Woman.
Honey Beavers

All the world is waiting for you!

Celebrate the red, white, and blue with all the power and style you possess, and join the World’s Largest Wonder Woman photo shoot at the Bell House on July 2. The tribute to the star-spangled superhero is part of Wassabasco Burlesque’s seventh annual patriotic strip show “America, F— Yeah!”

The event aims to show those in the White House that perverts, progressives, and intellectuals can also be true proud Americans, and is a way to have some fun during tumultuous times, said producer Nasty Canasta.

“This year especially, in this part of the world, we’re not feeling, ‘Great, yay USA!’ ” said Canasta, who lives in Park Slope. “It’s just important to remember that we can’t let the horrible things and the people in charge dictate this stuff. We can still be our own heroes and make our own fun. It’s not about them — it’s about us and the good things. It’s a little more poignant this year.”

Each year, the show has featured appearances from Wonder Woman and Superman — heroes who stand for truth, justice, and the American way. And with the newly released Wonder Woman film, the world is ready for her, and the wonders she can do, said Canasta.

“The movie just came out and people are really excited about it and we really need something awesome like Wonder Woman right now,” she said. “We have a government that’s just playing all of our differences against each other and creating divisiveness, and we just say ‘Anyone is welcome!’ That’s what this country is about, that’s what this city is about. We are America and nobody can tell us that we are not.”

The night will feature eight different acts, including classic burlesque bits and silly skits from Hazel Honeysuckle, Nina La Voix, Poison Ivory, and Tiger Bay, along with host Doc Wasabassco in a Superman costume, tunes from disc jockey Stormageddon, and Canasta performing her own Wonder Woman act.

Those dressed as Wonder Woman can buy a ticket to the patriotic pastie-twirling show for half price. And afterwards, anyone in a wondrous costume is welcome to hop on stage and join the photo shoot. There are no restrictions on age, race, gender, or devotion to a particular version of the iconic outfit — the more diverse the better, said Canasta.

“Any person of any gender identification can dress up as Wonder Woman, whatever that means to them. At the end of the show, after cast curtain call, we’ll bring up or invite anybody up on stage who wants to join us,” she said. People in superman costumes are welcome, too.

The monumental photo will be posted on social media, and is a beautiful way to document the occasion, said Canasta.

“It’s just a record of the celebration,” she said. “It’s a pretty unique celebration of the holiday too.”

Wonder Woman Photo Shoot and “America F— Yeah!” at the Bell House [149 Seventh St. between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus, (718) 643–6510, www.wasabassco.com]. July 2 at 8 pm. $20–$35.

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Standing behind the invisible jet: Anyone is welcome join the a photo shoot of Wonder Women and Supermen after the Wassabasco Burlesque show at the Bell House on July 2.
Honey Beavers

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