Would-be A-Rods running wild

90th Precinct


Batters up

At least two thugs hit people with baseball bats last week:

• In the first incident on June 13, a 47-year-old S. Fifth Street man got into a dispute with a crowd of twentysomethings that was hanging out on his stoop at 4:15 pm. At some point, a heavy hitter took a baseball bat, hit the man on the wrist and stole his phone.

The crowd dispersed and the perp fled in an SUV down Keap Street.

• Five days later, a thug struck a 19-year-old man with a baseball bat on Rodney Street near S. Third Street at 6:50. The victim fell down and the perp fled into a black car and drove away.

Freeze frame

A perp stole $400 worth of cameras from a Kent Avenue business on June 19.

The thief walked into the store near S. Fifth Street at 2 pm, shoved the cameras and lenses into his backpack, and fled.

Glass bottle

A thug struck a man in his head with a glass bottle inside a Union Avenue bar on June 18.

The victim was hanging out at the club near Broadway at 1 am when the perp approached him and smacked the man’s head with the vessel. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and given six staples — while the thug was arrested three hours later.

Dresses taken

Two thieves stole five dresses from a Grand Street store on June 17.

The perps, one of whom was a man in drag, entered the store near Bedford Avenue at 4 pm and started removing dresses.

Head lock

Two thieves grabbed a woman into a headlock on June 16 near Stagg Street and stole her wallet.

The woman was on Leonard Street at 1:40 am, when one perp approached her and grabbed her neck and her breast. His accomplice rifled through her purse and took $250, before deriding her with the insult, “Puta.”

When a car drove by a few minutes later, the perps got startled and ran away.

Apple picks

A thief stole two laptops and an iPod from a S. Fourth Street apartment on June 15.

The tenant left his apartment near Driggs Avenue at 7:30 am, but when he returned at 10:30 pm, he saw his stuff was stolen.


A thief stole two computers and a camera from a S. Second Street apartment on June 13 or June 14.

The tenant left her apartment near Bedford Avenue at 9:30 am but when she returned at 8 pm the next day, she found her front door was unlocked and her computers were gone.

Sleeping booty

A perp stole a laptop from a Grand Street apartment on June 14 while its tenant slept.

The tenant left his computer on a table in his apartment near Havemeyer Street at 11 pm, but when he woke up at 6 am the next day, he saw it was missing.

Car tune

A thief stole a laptop from a car on Driggs Avenue on June 13.

The driver parked near S. Fifth Street at 7 pm, but when he returned an hour later, he saw the passenger window was broken and his computer missing.


A thief stole a VW on Bedford Avenue at some point last week.

The driver said that she parked near S. First Street at 11 am on June 10, but returned three days later to find the car gone.

— Aaron Short