Yassky fallout! Ken is loaded for ‘Baer’

Former Sierra Club official Ken Baer is still running for David Yassky’s City Council seat — even if the formidible and no-longer-term-limited Brooklyn Heights councilman opts to run for re-election.

Add Ken Baer to the list of people angry about Councilman David Yassky’s vote to let elected officials run for a third term — but unlike everyone else, Baer is actually doing something about it.

The former head of the New York State chapter of the Sierra Club said he will continue his quest for the 33rd District seat, even if the formidable Yassky runs for re-election.

“I am definitely running for the seat — whether Yassky is running or not!” Baer told The Brooklyn Paper. “That’s how outraged I am about his vote to gut term limits!”

On Oct. 23, Yassky joined 28 other members of the Council to overturn the results of two prior public referenda that created the former two-term limit. In the wake of that vote, several candidates for Yassky’s seat — notably District Leader Jo Anne Simon, Hasidic activist Isaac Abraham and former Yassky staffer Evan Thies — have indicated that they won’t run if Yassky abandons his campaign for City Comptroller and runs for a third term in the Council, as many expect him to do.

Baer said he would run on a platform of “sustainable development” and “community-derived” development plans and more support for mass transit.