You won’t go hungry

There’s new hope that the curse of the Henry–Cranberry corner, where several recent restaurants quickly failed, may be over.

The restaurants of 60 Henry St. are revamping, rebranding and reopening.

First up is the Busy Chef, a bakery and prepared foods store, that is replacing Food Maestro at the corner of Cranberry Street.

“We are designed to be a piece of a busy lifestyle,” said Busy Chef spokesman Mike Burak, who explained the new place as “a place with restaurant-quality food for people who don’t have time to sit down in a restaurant.”

Customers can go online or to the store to order meals that they devise. “You can build your own meal,” said Burak.

Busy Chef’s busy chef, Dan Coffee, is planning to roast his own coffee, make his own bagels and smoke his own salmon. The joint will be open this weekend or early next week, he said.

Two doors down — separated by the tiny Blue Pig ice cream store — Oven, a pizza/wine bar, is taking over the space formerly known as Afficionada. The former restaurant shared a kitchen with Food Maestro, but Oven, with its own kitchen, plans to begin baking on May 5.

Meanwhile, Cranberry Place, a would-be kiddie-party Mecca that barely opened on the north side of Cranberry Street, will soon be a coffee shop with entertainment called Uncommon Ground.