Youtube dot mom: Online comedy series stars women in Lefferts Gardens

Cease and quiet: Rohana Kenin and Laura Frenzer, the writers and stars of “47 Secrets to a Younger You,” based the show on their struggles as working moms.
Sean Elias-Reyes

Call it a mom-com.

A new online comedy series stars two Brooklyn moms who have to balance work, kids, yoga, and having a love life. The creators of “47 Secrets to A Younger You,” which premieres Sept. 17 on YouTube, say the material for the show comes from their own lives.

“We would get together and bitch and complain about getting older and life and everything,” said Laura Frenzer, who wrote, starred, and produced the series with Rohana Kenin. “All the stuff we were complaining about was, at the same time, slightly depressing us but making us laugh.”

Frenzer and Kenin, who have been friends and Prospect Lefferts Gardens residents for more than 10 years, realized they could use their problems and their experience producing and performing to make a show.

“At a certain point it was just like ‘Stop bitching and start writing,’ ” said Frenzer.

They built the comedy series, which will debut with a six roughly five-minutes episodes, around two characters like themselves — working mothers “dealing with everyday disasters and aging not-so-gracefully,” said Kenin.

“These women are still figuring life out in many ways and that never stops. When you’re 20 you think you’ll have it all together when you’re 40, but you won’t! It’s still messy and rough and evolving,” said Frenzer.

They filmed most of the series in their neighborhood — locals might recognize the Bluebird Cafe — and say the project was a community effort. The creators, director, and most of the principal actors live in the area, and neighbors supported the show’s Indiegogo campaign, loaned furniture for sets, and stepped in to help drive camera equipment home when it rained.

“We really hope people will recognize the show as a neighborhood effort,” said Kenin.

As for the show’s title, Frenzen says she doesn’t think there are any secrets to staying young.

“I think ultimately it’s about staying happy and that’s different for everyone,” she said. “For me, I guess it’s about staying playful and being open to new experiences and shopping at Trader Joe’s Wine Shop because they’ll card you all the time!”

“47 Secrets to A Younger You” premieres Sept. 17 at www.youtube.com/47secretstoayoungeryou.

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Secret plans: The main characters in “47 Secrets to a Younger You,” Julie and Karma (played by Laura Frenzer and Rohana Kenin) are working moms in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.