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This is one ‘Crazy’ tour of South Brooklyn’s mob past

The Brooklyn Paper

Red Hook is going to the mattresses — and we’re not talking about Ikea.

A biographer who detailed the life and death of the iconic South Brooklyn mobster “Crazy” Joe Gallo will lead a May 9 walking tour that will highlight the gangster’s former haunts and hangouts, and remind attendees that the now twee Columbia Street Waterfront District was once the site of a bloody Mafia war.

“When you walk down President Street today, it’s hard to believe that this is the place where the Gallo Gang waged a revolution against the Mafia,” said Tom Folsom, whose book “The Mad Ones: Crazy Joe Gallo and the Revolution at the Edge of the Underworld,” profiles the racketeer who was known as a cold-blooded killer — and a socialite with a penchant for Camus and Sartre.

“I’m hoping to give people a sense of what this neighborhood was like back in the day,” said Folsom, who co-wrote the 2007 book, “Mr. Untouchable,” with Harlem drug lord LeRoy “Nicky” Barnes, a heroin dealer who befriended Gallo while in prison.

The tour will bring Mobphiles to the block where Gallo — who was immortalized in the Bob Dylan song “Joey” — coined the term “going to the mattresses” when he ordered his ramshackle gang to hole up in his grandmother’s tenement at 51 President St. between Van Brunt and Columbia streets for protection in his underdog fight against the Profaci family between 1961 and 1963.

The building that housed the “Gallo Headquarters” no longer stands, but the walking tour will showcase at least one landmark that has hardly changed since the celebrity mobster was famously gunned down in Umberto’s Clam House in Manhattan in 1972.

The mob excursion will include a visit to the Morgan Room of FG Guido’s Funeral Home at the corner of Clinton and Carroll streets, where Gallo’s sister Carmella allegedly predicted the coming war between the fallen mobster’s soldiers and the Colombo family when she shrieked: “Blood in the streets! The streets are going to run red with blood, Joey!”

Crazy Joe Gallo walking tour will start at Carroll Park (Smith Street between Carroll and President streets in Carroll Gardens), May 9, 1 pm. For reservations, call Freebird Books at (718) 643-8484.

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Reader Feedback

teegee from south brooklyn says:
when i was a kid crazy joe drove me home once in awhile. he was still an underling to Frankie Shots & his son (my godfather). joe and his girlfriend would be sitting in the car downstairs on president st (between 5th & 4th) for me to come out. about a year later, he killed frankie in the bar on 4th & carroll st. i had to go with my family into hiding with frankie's g'kid. years later, when the mafia cleaned up its act, i turned down to offers to "join". once when they were going to fix a minor election for me and another time when they wanted me to help organize young people to support the lieutenant gov, who was of italian background. i was made a very lucrative offer to "help" out. as i write this i recall a couple of other interesting moments. once at a wedding on long island i was dragged outside by my collar by a profaci mobster. he reached inside his jacket and i was only saved by his wife running out and pleading on my behalf. another time, many years later, after i was married, my wife and i went to a mafia wedding - with headliner hollywood performers appearing. the parking lot was full of limo style caddies and the envelope gifts were protected like they contained gold - it was better than gold, cold hard cash.
April 30, 2009, 2:36 pm
Wharf Rat from Bed Stuy says:
He could see them coming..

As he lifted up his fork!
May 1, 2009, 3:04 pm
pazzo from forest park says:
from what I inderstand, when the guy went on the street he was what they were all suppossed to be. most could messure up to half of what joey was.
May 5, 2009, 4:29 pm
sal from the hook says:
Joey your in our hearts forever.
May 5, 2010, 2:29 pm
Joey says:
When I was a kid, it seemed like any time he saw me he'd reach into his Jacket pocket say something like "C'mere kid" and give me a hand full of candy, and continue talking - and telling stories like I wasn't there. Recall a few "Cleo" stories, and one about painting hamsters that they would laugh like hell about.

Really liked the guy, KB, and PTG - Good Guys.

Funny, to this day I still kinda miss him.
(Still an ally)
June 18, 2010, 6:50 pm
Madelyn from Red Hook says:
Word on the block was that Joey had a lion caged up in the cellar of his tenement building on President Street. When a customer failed to pay up to his bookie, Joey would invite the customer down to meet his cat. The bookie always got his dough. Don't know if its true...I'm just sayin'.
May 24, 2011, 11:40 am
anthony from carroll gardens says:
its true about the lion thats all i could say
Nov. 30, 2011, 6:14 am
keith o'brien from liverpool,uk says:
i am just back from nyc,and love joey gallo.i had a good walk round red hook.and also found his grave in greenwood cemetery.visited umbertos in little italy......i'm a big mob fan,and like to visit these places when in nyc.....i also visited the former gemini lounge in flatlands,ironically it's now a church.
Sept. 27, 2012, 4:41 pm
James Patrick McGrath from Park Slope says:
My ex-wife lived on President Street. Her mother's father, Eiugene Borrelli, was a barber who allegedly cut Gallo's hair.
Feb. 22, 2013, 7:24 pm
John Pinto from Red Hook says:
I lived at 38 President St. The lion was occasionally on a leash outside. It was a great neighborhood for kids. We played ball all day.
Aug. 20, 2013, 10:33 pm
vito from red hook says:
Anthony chicchetti south brooklyn boss the real one , is the last of that REAL LIFE MOB ERA, hes a man of dignity , honor and hes to be treated with the most respect, hes keeping that our hood together, hes a true man of respect, he refused membership numerous times in the mafia, now hes a true real life boss, me and my family salute him, hes anthony gaspipe casso son, but he denies that also, he done alot for our neirborhood, god bless anthony chicchetti south brooklyn boss the real one, 1 of the nicest guys ive ever met, and most real. But just dont get on his bad side.
Jan. 28, 5:59 pm
sal from park slope says:
I loved joe gallo, crazy joe, i rememb, er the lion . My gradpa got pictures of it, him and frank punchy illiano to , punchy and the gallos were the best, and that guy to anthony chicchetti south brooklyn boss the real one, think he same family as punchy, but anyways he to liked crazy joe gallo and punchy , YEAH GUYS YEAH I LOVE CARROLL GARDENS, and OLD CARROL GARDENS. We was at the feast me my daughters, court st. Changed, but i still love it. Cheers, and rip to joe gallo and frank punchy illiano those were old school real men of respect, cheers, cheers for anthony chicchetti south brooklyn boss the real one, hes now are offical boss in 11231 hes a true gangster, honor. A man of honor, they said hes KING ANTHONY CHICCHETTI. Sal
Jan. 30, 11:13 pm
Pat G. from Grave send Brooklyn says:
Crazy joe gallo my aunt use to see him all the time, she past, she said he was good to all the children in the neirborhood . Gallos are good people , a lot of history I had with them. Much respect for them, They all past . And I know Anthony Chicchetti Yeah he's was made long time ago, he did refuse it plenty of times, it was said that he was 1 of the youngest men ever made, he dad made him at 18 years old, who's his real dad. Anthony gaspipe casso, but anthony Chicchetti. Denies that. Anthony Chicchetti is a boss. Now long, long time. Thank god I'm not involved with that life. I still hope all us Italians could come together on a positive note, what I exposed hear are facts, in 1993 rite before gaspipe was. Arrested he made a few guys, secretly, anthony Chicchetti. Was one of them, a lot of people no this.
Feb. 9, 12:54 am
paulie from flatlands brooklyn says:
ANTHONY CHICCHETTI i know that guy a long time, HE IS THE YOUNGEST MAN EVER MADE IN NYC MAFIA HISTORY, its proven, its facts, he wAS decalvacante, and in 1993 his dad got got him relesed from there, and he was made at 18 years old, his real father is ANTHONY GASPIPE CASSO, not only is he the YOYNGEST MAN EVER MADE, BUT HE WAS OFFICALLY MADE in the ways of old, A REAL CEREMONY, NOT like these fruads of today. ANTHONY GASPIPE CASSO WILL NEVER, expose it, he never did never well. ANTHONY CHICCHETTI SOUTH BROOKLYN BOSS THE REAL ONE, IS A REAL ONE, HES OLD SCHOOL . MADE IN THE REAL WAYS OF OLD. i no it its facts. I use to work as a clerk. I no what i read.
Feb. 13, 10:05 pm
giuseppe D. from marinepark bklyn says:
CARLO GAMBINO WAS THE YOUNGEST MADE MAN, and it was PROVEN THAT HE WASNT THE YOUNGEST MAN EVER MADE IN LA COSA NOSTRA. ITS Like what paulue said up there, dont know him from a hole in a wall, BUT THOSE ARE FACTS WHAT HE SAID, ANTHONY GASPIPE CHICCHETTI SOUTH BROOKLYN BOSS, IS THE YOUNGEST EVER TO BECOME A MADE MAN, IN THAT CRAZY LIFE. He was a.made man at. 18 years old, i. Would asume he did some stuff to become a made man, HES VERY RESPECTED UP HEAR, ANTHONY CHICCHETTI HES THE SOUTH BROOKLYN BOSS SLASH KING. HES LIKE GOD TO MANY. real reason why i wrote hear is to say franky punchy illiano was a good man we went to casa rosa when he owned it. And punchy ..was there and he treated my dad and mom with.alot of respect. I loved punchy , and.all the gallos carroll gardens is great neirborhood.
Feb. 15, 5:35 pm
Patty from Brooklyn heights says:
My ex wife to lived on president street, my grandma remembers eiugene. What a nice man he was , and your so right he did cut joe gallos hair, it's so nice of you guys to keep our lovely neirborhood. Alive, tho some weren't posative role models, to my brothers and uncles there were, I'm not to educated on mobsters, but it's proven that Carlo gambino was the youngest man made at 19 years old, but some REAL people resently changed that, New information obtained by the FB. Proves that the youngest man ever made in NYC. MAFIA. HISORY IS. ANTHONY CHICCHETTI. KNOWN as BOSS SOUTH. BROOKLYN BOSS THE REAL. ONE. Don't no him heard of him, heard he's a good guy, also heard he dont speak bad about no one, but I hear if he got a problem he brings it to you, HEY HE'S MY Kind of guy, Could you do that ? Lmao, Naaaaaa, I'm dieing to meet this true legend, How old is he? Any way Joe gallo. And punchy illiano. We're The guys people will always love. Bless you all , stay focused people
Feb. 16, 11:12 am
j. williams from bedstuy do or die. says:
A yo, check this , shout out to all of b k, only the real sections, u no what it is, but crazy joey gallo and them guys is dead, rest in peace to them real gees, BUT MANY OF THIS NONE VIOLENT COMUTITIY, DONT BE KNOWING, about THE REAL GUYS OF TODAY, 2014, ON the real, BUT I NO AND GOT MAD LOVE FOR ITALIANS, but i could speak of what i know and seen, i was away 16 years , alot of them in the state be mad soft. I MET 2 GUYS REAL ITALIAN GANGSTERS IN THE PENITENTIARY, 1 WAS AN OLD TIMER, his name was anthony tony roach rampino , HE WAS PERSONAL FRIEND OF JOHN GOTTI, .and the other was Anthony Chicchetti Bossed up , i meen he was cool, but that dude A. CHICCHETTI alot of guys was petrified of that man, he stabbed alot people, I COULD SPEAK ABOUT HIM I ATE WITH HIM, HE GET MONEY, ANYBODY WHOS ANYBODY TRYS TO BE DOWN WITH THAT MAN. ANTHONY CHICCHETTI HE A MADE MAN, MAD PEOPLE NEW THAT, U DONT NO ABOUT THAT GUY, ITS BEST TO ASK SOMEBODY, HE GONNA BE IN MY BOYS VIDEO SOON TO, he down as OCL he a organized crime leader, my producer told us, i new that anyway, i was in Clinton correctional with him, JUST SO PEOPLES NO I DONT CARE WHO U IS, I DO ANYTHING FOR ANTHONY CHICCHETTI WE MEENS ANYTHING, he THE TRUTH. rip to puncy illiano i dont no who that is but i read a little about him. I saw he blew up persico once in a car. And crazy joey g. He just like my boy anthony chicchetti, parden me for saying this but Anthony Chicchetti may be more smarter. Just saying, A.CHICCHETTI IS THE YOUNGEST MAN EVER MADE IN MAFIA. Its not what we know, ITS WHAT WE COULD PROVE, AND ITS OUT THERE. THEY DUG THAT INFO UP ALREADY. So ALL THESE FAKE 2014 ITALIANS SHOULD PAY HOMAGE TO THAT REAL G. . One love all, I LOVE ALL YOUR ITALIANS ,
Feb. 17, 12:39 am
This is truly getting more entertaining by the post reading about this self proclaimed "Legend in his own mind" When CFW was in it's prime growing up don't recall all these accomplishments being achieved around here by this person who's name really never factored in anyone's life..That memo must of got lost in everyone's mail or maybe he was still playing with Barbie Dolls at that point. Anyways glad it's keeping you all in amusement and seems he has more stories than Dr. Seuss. To be mentioned in same sentence with some old timers that have passed is a bigger laugh for anyone that truly knows the REAL DEAL.
Feb. 17, 3:36 am
Big Dom from Park slope says:
Frank punchy illiano will always be in our hearts, he was a legend. But some of these comments are bizarre, for one. To Williams up there all Italians aren't soft, except your Heros? Maybe we don't go around stabbing and shooting at people like Anthony Chicchetti. Well it goes to show u how crazy and sickening this mafia became, to have a nut job as a boss. And who is anthony tony roach rampino.
Feb. 17, 10:17 am
mikey from howard beach queens says:
Anthony rampino was john gottis paCHICCHETTIl, he was our neirborhood, EXCUSSE ME PEOPLE BUT THERES MORE THAN NEW YORK MAFIA THEN THIS LITTLE Carroll gardens, AND ONLY REASON WHY THAT FELLA MUST OF SAID WHAT HE said about them, is BECAUSE ANTHONY GASPIPE CASSO SON ANTHONY CHICCHETTI WAS IN THE SAME PRISON with them, they was together, and ANTHONY CHICCHETTI IS NOT A NUT, HES A GOODFELLA, HES OLDSCHOOL, guy put alot of work in, alot, and i spoke to him once, hes humble. I salute him AND THATS THAT
Feb. 17, 1:09 pm
there is too much being put into this non sense that he is posting himself under different names using 3rd grade spelling and vocabulary. He's definitely no boss...never shot no one...never stabbed no one..he's a life long street punk that hasn't grown up, as we can see by his non sense he's posting.
Feb. 17, 2:46 pm
nikki from bensonhurst brooklyn says:
Oh my god, do any of these idiots know what will happen to them , omg all i could say is i use to go with a.chicchetti a long time ago, WHEN HE WAS 1ST MADE. I SAW HIM A FEW TIMES, and ahh nothing could help you. He got about 78 ex es lmao , he is writeing a book, were helping him, HES THE 1 ST REAL LIFE MOBSTER MADE AT 18 YEARS OLD, YOUNGEST mADE MAN IN COSA NOSTRA HISTORY. ITS PROVEN, by the way keep writeing. He isnt puting you in his book anyway, its a done deal. South brooklyn boss the real one is anthony chicchetti. WE ALL KNOW THAT.
Feb. 17, 4:55 pm
anonymous from red hook bk says:
Its proven already. So you lose. But anthony chicchetti doesnt care he tryed hideing it for years. But them 2 retired ... guys exposed him. But thers nothing he could do. And hes an offical boss, why? Cause guys listen to him, really? Really?
Feb. 17, 5 pm
CFW was all day..was .every day....never died...ask about us in the evolution of South Brooklyn into what it is today. Carroll Park in the back was our home and could be today but people tend to grow up and out grow non sense like what's being posted here.
Feb. 17, 5:44 pm
chris from old hood says:
On the real, i cant belive what im reading,U know some of you arent serious whit these posts, its really not my concern, but i speak to people, do u know who you speaking about? Hes ALIVE , HE ISN'T DEAD, i see him alot, and i got his number, u people is living in a fantasy, CFW LMAO u SERIOUS ? YOU cant be, you speaking about your graffiti group, CFW ARE U REALLY KIDDING? WHATS CFW STAND FOR? COUNTERFEIT FOR WOMEN, everybody HEAR IS OK, but speaking about the wrong person my friend, and plus u a suc.... if hes aware of this he will read right threw this, and h gonna put the word out, i myself may have to go at u, T
Feb. 17, 11:55 pm
chris from old hood says:
Continue from last, but i myself may have to go at you. U a suc..r ... you hideing behine a screen, he go to your door, THERES NOBODY THATS GONNA HELP U NO PLACE, no body u speaking about, nobody. U a strate bisexual suck.. and u speaking my boy, u fronten ass COWARD, he shut there lites in our hood. HE THE ONLY REAL LIFE MOBSTER WE GOT IN THAT NOW SO VERY FAKE NEIRBORHOOD, u fronten u mad he kissed ur daug.. OR WHAT EVER THE CASE IS, go talk to him, i texed him its about time the REAL U NO WHO READS THIS, stop fronten CAUSE THEY ALL GONNA RUN U BE ALONE, .AND HE WILL GET U, i no him 28 years. Since im 10 no one ever disrespects him
Feb. 18, 12:04 am
We all eventually pay the piper and sometimes that day comes sooner than later when it's least expected.

CFW will always live forever ; )
Feb. 18, 2:26 am
black from our hood 11231 says:
Joey gallo and them were gangsters, but they dead, and everybody already know about them, and besides that, THERE all in history books, LITERALLY , we want to hear NEW stuff, FACTS. I dont know about you people but Anthony Chicchetti is being listed as the yongest Made man ever, f.. already proved that, cause of informers, now A. CHicchetti is writeing a book we hear, thats the word all over the street, i hear big writers are involved, i know him, he isn't crazy, he tolerates no nonsense, We all know that, he is a real wise guy, joe the blonde told us that a long time ago, i respect A. Chicchetti cause he is humble, and he tryed hideing it for years, BUT OOPS HE WAS EXPOSED, omerta nothing. Now everyone knows of him. HE MADE HISTORY BY MISTAKE.
Feb. 19, 5:19 pm
bradley from court street says:
anthony, remember when lefty jimmy split your head open on court street?

I hear you're smoking a lot of crack these days. SOUTH BROOKLYN BOSS THE REAL ONE


-Kane ENC
March 6, 4:14 pm
bradly court street from caroll gardens says:
Wrong Anthony, wow the other Anthony I went to school with, wrong Anthony, not Anthony chicchetti. Oh never that, and that jimmy isn't he dead And very gay. ? Wow, my sister told me.
March 6, 5:05 pm
Joe s from Henry street 11231 says:
Now when I do see anthony Chicchetti. Slap them up and down the street again, all I'm doing this time is laughing at you, I'm not gonna make believe I don't see it again, YOU GUYs are all punks, The entire ny knows, ANTHONY CHICCHETTI. That's a. Real boss. And yes we're all out hear writing now you guys. Will be sorry when I see and make anthony Chicchetti read this. And you know who I'm talking to. You sucker.
March 6, 5:20 pm
jojo from carroll gardens says:
You better believe you homo jackass up there got the wrong Anthony, my pal and I'm proud to say Anthony Chicchetti the real south Brooklyn boss the official one is 5 ft 7. And he's from president st. .and he's always been clean. high on life, kid is a beast. I saw him bench press 365 PDS 9xs. Let me tell you something men. I know Anthony chicchetti. Since he was 4 years old toughest kid I river met, hands and he will get u hurt, or he will do it himself, I'm only writing this cause of the rats, that. told on him,of hes the youngest made guy ever in ny Mafia. God dam. Detective even told us, he felt bad for Anthony chicchetti
March 6, 5:34 pm
jessic from park slope says:
Att. All you regards, if I were any of you I wouldn't speak good or bad about tony ' Anthony Chicchetti. Did any of you ever see him mad, well all you clowns will only send yourselfs to the hospital, nothing or any one could help you, OK thanks guys you been gentleman lol. But grow some balls.
March 6, 7:08 pm
Joey p. from Park slope says:
Anthony Chicchetti is a stone cold Gangster. He's not made guy for nothing, so lets stop the bull With that let's carry on, and stop lieing to yourselfs. That entire section of Brooklyn is terrified of him. And we love it. Not that there's anyone left.
March 7, 7:50 am
Gary from Our hood for ever 11231 says:
A lot of none sense , it's really stupid, one scared , punk idiot after another, 1st off about the old man jimmy guys have dead, and about him being gay, all I can is a mans sexual preference is his business , I will tell you why they call that old man gay, his wife Gracie one time caught him and the kid from 3 rd place that just died 6 mouths ago, the story is jimmy was scheduled to get get surgery , and anthony aiello were in a room in a house and jimmy had pains and the kid that died was caught rubbing Ben gay all over Jimmy's neck and groin, ok so pls get your facts straight , and Gracie heard jimmy moaning. She her Gracie said it didn't look right, ok idiots get your facts rite. She also called jimmy a switch hitter , and her husband is a degenerate, About anthony Chicchetti Yeah he's crazy. Do I like him? Absolutely yes Why? Cause. He targets guys. ALL. U PUNKs. ARe. SCARED. Of. Everybody. Knows.
March 7, 6:48 pm
Chris from Old hood 11231 says:
I'm tired of hearing about all these old gangsters, there very played out and no body really wants to hear about them at all, not even in my office and there's a mixture of everything in there, no one cares, in fact fu.. All them. There done and over, but 1 question ? Where do any of you coward , clown soft bast... Get the nerve to even say my friends name, ? He will put of you in a fu..., hospital, who are you kidden? Get use to him the only REAL.GUY. Left. And he's not going no we're, is. The one and only, ANTHONY CHICCHETTI. He's made at the youngest age ever, in our eyes , all you people are frauds, all of you. Anthony Chicchetti is an official boss, south Brooklyn and way beyond that, he's known is Sicily, you punks aren't even known in your neighbood, That's facts. Jessica is so right. , she said grow some balls men, no she's not a fan of anthony Chicchetti. She's like me my wife and sisters, we respect truth, anthony Chicchetti is truth and seeings believing , and we saw enough. You people need to pay that man homage and smarten up, it's proven ready, he's the youngest man ever made in mafia history.
March 7, 10:23 pm
len from c. gardens bklyn says:
Known in there neighborhood ! Lol. There not even known in there apartments, ha ha. Chris correct that, no body got no balls over there, Anthony Chicchetti he would pop shots at them in broad day lite, problem always is the same, They hide when they know he's around, show them a picture of him, they run. Anthony Chicchetti is my boy for life, I love him, he's made like 2o years ago, he never even mentioned it, he don't even care about mafia and that he's made he treats everybody equal, 1 time he was screaming at his cousin Michael bolino. cause mike was drunk tellen people you know who my cousin is, Anthony Chicchetti is truly humble and real life omerta, its true tho people need to pay him homage
March 8, 8:32 pm
Nelson from Wyckoff pjs bk baby says:
Anthony Chicchetti Is a don, He is the mafia when I was away he looked out for me, and then later I found out he was away to. Anthony Chicchetti 's Word to me and my fam is bible. He The only Real Italian Mob Boss out there, With Real Power to along with it, and he a glitter boy, don't mater Cause He Back It up, Real Talk.
March 9, 3:10 pm
Frankie from Carroll gardens says:
Anthony Chicchetti is always Shining, these puns could never be like him. They need to stop Harding, No reason.
March 9, 6:12 pm
Dd from Brooklyn says:
Anthony Chicchetti is a gangster, but who cares ? I hope they all die
March 10, 1:42 am
Jimmy did crack his head with a wrench and the self proclaimed boss ran like a ——.
April 5, 2:50 am
Joe s from Henry st 11231 says:
Yes I'm with Stacy and its dead WRONG TO TALK ABOUT MY FRIENDS , ANTHONY CHICCHETTI IS A MADE MEMBER AND YOUNGEST EVER IN LA COSA NOSTRA HISTORY. IT'S FACTS. I HAVE PERMISSION TO SPEAK OF THIS. Bc. They exposed him, and he still try to deny it. HEY PEOPLE ANYHONY CHICCHETTI. IS S BORN LEADER, HE MY DEAR FRIEND , he's a great, great person, NO ONE EVER TOUCHED HIM I DON'T CARE WHAT U MAKE UP, I saw him beat 5 guys up at once , at one time. You don't know, HE'S STILL A GREAT MAN , I too love him also, and there was a cop named shanny that hated Roy rip. Joey mic cop rip. and he knew they stood with ANTHONY CHICCHETTI SOUTH BROOKLYN BOSS THE REAL ONE. So he makes up lies about the dead, the other guys are scared nobody's I BELIVE THAT'S CLEAR TO SEE..
April 5, 7:05 pm
Yeeeeah okkkay in there wildest dreams , Anthony Chicchetti. Chased that entire neirborhood, No one Ever Could touch him, Guys balls. Are bigger than Carroll park monument, And he's A BOSS. Who ever got something to say come down will make u sober. OH DONT WORRY WHEN THEY SEE MY GOOD BUDDY ANTHONY CHICCHETTI THERE SOBER QUICK, AND RUNNING. LOL. I recorded some of them running the last Time, ANTHONY CHICCHETTI IS FUNNY HE SAID WHY THERE RUNNING? he's funny he forgot why hes chaseing them, ha ha. I love my boy Anthony chicchetti. There's 7 of us now and were laughing here, Anthony chicchetti he pistol whipped about 4 of you. Ha ha.
April 5, 7:23 pm
vinny from brooklyn ny GIANT says:
All these comments . Who's they ? There's no one there , a bunch of yuppies, whos They? Anthony Chicchetti is the only True Gangster On the street, ANYBODY. WHO's ANYBODY KNOWS OF HIM. IM HIS PERSONAL BARBA. A.chicchetti. is not a joke. I know him a while.
April 6, 9:04 am
Melfi from Brooklyn says:
There's no one important in mafia anymore like there use to be, your speaking about Anthony Chicchetti I know him, cold blooded Gangter, they make him worse than what he really is, I was there twice when he was token into custody 2 shooting cases, while out on bail for another, lt, released him ballistic report , helped him, psi written confidential reports indicates He's a made member in La cosa nostra, subject also is proven to be the youngest of all time ever made in MAFIA HISTORY info from inte. Well people his life all I could say is he was in my company and he's A VERY RESPECTFUL MAN, I never met a gangster like him, HES THE ONLY REAL MOBSTER OUT THERE, a lot of history .
April 7, 11:34 pm
Vinny from South brooklyn says:
abbiamo bisogno di sedersi
April 21, 2:49 am
jerry from SOUTH BROOKLYN says:
La sua dovuta molto rispetto a Anthony Chicchetti il vero capo.
April 21, 9:41 pm

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