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Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Welcome to Brooklyn! Visitor center gets a high-tech makeover

Downtown: The tourist center at Borough Hall is about to get a high-tech boost, making it easier for visitors to shop, dine, and chill in Brooklyn. Comment.

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment.

Friday, Feb. 5, 2016

Off your trolley

POLL: Mayor is on board with developer-backed streetcar plan — are you?

Transit: It is a streetcar named DeBlasio. Comments (20).

Southern Brooklyn pols: Seriously?

Transit: DeBlasio needs to stop lavishing money on “pie-in-the-sky” luxuries while commuters in Southern Brooklyn languish, local leaders tell Read more…

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Vendors have a week to fight Brooklyn Law replacing them with shrubbery

Brooklyn Heights: There is no time to beat around the bush! Comments (5).

Pouring through history: Uncovering Brooklyn’s cocktail past

Event: They’ve got tales of cocktails! Comment.

Bartoonist finds the whiskey flowing in Bushwick

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator emerges from hibernation long enough to sketch a new bar where all the cocktails are on tap. Comments (2).

Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Editor’s Picks: There is plenty to do this week: excellent pop bands, readings, chili contests, film screenings, art shows — and you can get into it all for free, which means extra cash to spend on beer! Comment.

18 alleged gang members charged with ‘hunting’ Canarsie residents

Crime: Prosecutors are charging more than a dozen alleged Flatbush gang members with murder and conspiracy for going on “hunting expeditions” to gun down rival gangsters — and even civilians — simply for living in Canarsie. Comments (1).

Everything and the kitchen sink: City opens culinary ‘incubator’ in Bed-Stuy

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Too many cooks won’t spoil this broth. Comment.

Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016

Teen allegedly attacks prominent Brooklyn Heights rabbi

Brooklyn Heights: A prominent Brooklyn Heights rabbi claims he was targeted by a group of young ruffians last week and will host a rally on Friday morning demanding peace on the neighborhood’s streets. Comments (3).

Rejected in CB3

Bed-Stuy board rejects outpost of Williamsburg hipster dive-bar empire

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Locals grilled the owners on how many black employees they have and whether they will put staff through “sensitivity training” to ensure they treat residents with respect. Comments (33).

We’re full! Bed-Stuy board says nabe has enough homeless, mentally ill

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Bedford-Stuyvesant is shouldering more than its fair share of the city’s homeless and mentally-ill population, say members of the local community board — and now they’re putting their feet down. Comments (1).

A good turn! Historic designation likely for Coney’s carousel, Feds say

They’re coming around. Comment.

Genders with pets

Of meows and men: Photo book focuses on cats and their manly owners

Books: There’s nothing feminine about having a pussy! Comments (1).

Puppy love: Equal time for women with dogs

Photo Galleries: Ladies discuss their canine companions! Comments (1).

Divine intervention: Guardian Angels returning to Brooklyn

Crime: Heaven help us! Comments (4).

Oh, the secrets they’ll keep!

The Dad: This week, the Dad considers what his youngest tells him — and what she doesn’t! Comment.

Join the Brooklyn Paper revolution

Page 1: You won’t find any spin in this week’s edition of the Brooklyn Paper — just a well rounded account of the latest turn of events in the borough of Kings. So give it a whirl and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn! Comment.

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016

EXCLUSIVE! FDNY report: Unextinguished ember reignited, destroyed CitiStorage

Williamsburg: Two Williamsburg waterfront warehouses burned down last year after firefighters failed to extinguish burning embers from a smaller blaze there hours earlier, according to two long-awaited reports acquired by this paper. Comments (15).

Heights residents: Helicopter chop doesn’t cut deep enough

Brooklyn Heights: It is a cop out that doesn’t take enough copters out, say Brooklyn Heights residents Comments (4).

Brooklyn bacchanalia

Goes down Easy: Mardi Gras party has big eats and big beats

Nightlife: The Big Easy is coming to Williamsburg! Comments (1).

Fat chances: More spots to celebrate Mardi Gras

Nightlife: Head out with your krewe to these Brooklyn spots! Comments (1).

Alma matters! Locals want Sanders-Clinton debate at Bernie’s Brooklyn high school

Politics: They want to bring this grassroots candidate back to his class roots. Comments (1).

Working blue: Police perform in improv show

Event: These officers have put together a different kind of line-up. Comment.