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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dozens congregate in Fort Greene Park to celebrate, burn Old Glory

Fort Greene: The event descended into a maelstrom of flag-waving and shouting while a handful of activists quietly burned the banner in a nearby barbecue pit. Comment.

Costume catastrophe! Times Square plague afflicts our beloved Boardwalk

The invasion long dreaded by denizens of the People’s Playground has finally come to pass, as costumed characters driven out of Times Square by a police crackdown have descended onto the Coney Island Boardwalk. Comment.

Butts out! Transmitter Park seating shrinks, leaving less room for rumps

Meadows of Shame: The parks department has replaced nine out of 10 of the park’s original roomy four-seater benches with scrawny plastic and wood numbers that can only comfortably hold two average-sized adult butts. Comment.

The many loves of Stephanie Thompson, or ‘How do I teach my kids about chemistry?’

Fearless Parenting: This week, Stephanie cotemplates the coming hormonal storm that will produce love in her boys. Comment.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A tale of two libraries

Lost in space: Library privatizes part of Williamsburg branch

Williamsburg: The Williamsburg library is open — for business. Comments (4).

Checking out: Developer may fold Red Hook library privatization plans

Red Hook: Books aren’t the only thing being shelved at the Red Hook library. Comments (1).

Cyclones fall in Auburn

The Ride: Tarnation! Comment.

Hands-on experience: Park sculpture says ‘Please Touch the Art’

Fleece of mind: Lawman says Brooklyn ‘psychic’ scamed Iowans

Crime: He should have seen this coming. Comment.

Here they are — your Pier 6 tower plans

Changing Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge Park honchos on Wednesday unveiled designs for the two luxury apartment towers they plan to erect at Pier 6. Comments (10).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

‘Idol’ threat: TV talent show says Ridge competition stole its tune

Bay Ridge: In a desperate attempt to reverse plummeting ratings, “American Idol,” a network television talent show, is seizing on the coattails of one of Bay Ridge’s most popular institutions — Brooklyn Senior Idol. Comments (2).

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Diamonds and rust! Cyclones beat Joan Baez and Doubledays

The Ride: A hard rain fell on the Doubledays, as the Cyclones pounded out 11 hits. Comment.

Rafter life! City Tech appeases ancient spirits with beam-raising ceremony

Downtown: Call it a team building exorcise. Comments (2).

New nest for the Nets

Sunset Park: Brooklyn’s home team previews its unfinished Sunset Park practice facility. Comments (1).

Singers with chops: Piper Theatre serves up bloody ‘Sweeney Todd’

Theater: Call him the demon barber of Third Street. Comment.

Afro-centric! Photo show celebrates natural hair

Art: This show has locks to love. Comments (3).

Monday, June 29, 2015

Car squawk! Uber slams councilman over livery law

Brooklyn Heights: The internet taxi service sent out an e-mail going after Councilman Steve Levin’s plan to limit the company’s car count. Comments (24).

Same old story: Eight-story Hook old-folks home raises height concerns

Red Hook: Neighbors worry it will tower over the area’s four-story buildings. Comments (5).

Greenpoint mega-development’s below-market buildings will segregate the poor, say neighbors

Changing Brooklyn: Forget the poor door — this housing complex will have poor buildings. Comments (22).

Katz’s homer leads Cyclones over Doubledays

The Ride: This rain-shortend victory must have been exciting! Comment.

Young blood: Brooklyn Heights whiz kid invents wound-sealing gel

Boro of Nerds: His work was in vein but not in vain. Comments (3).

All that may become a man

Theater: All the world’s a stage, and all these men and women are equal players. Comment.

Man shot outside Fort Greene bar

Fort Greene: A gunman shot and wounded a man outside a popular Fort Greene bar on early Saturday morning, according to a report. Comments (4).