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Monday, Aug. 31, 2015

Squabble Hill! Locals attempt to depose civic association leader over LICH fight

Cobble Hill: It is a civic war! Comment.

Cyclones lose! Cyclones lose!

The Ride: Face it, folks. This was not the best season of all time. But at least we have Gamby. Comment.

Young at heart: Slope senior center is reborn

Park Slope: It is getting better with age! Comment.

Moving pictures: Dance piece explores film that sparked a revolution

Dance: Can a film change the world? Comment.

Hang time: Brooklyn kids shoot the breeze with rookie Nets star

Downtown: These kids had a ball with a Net. Comment.

Want to be a ‘Reading Troubadour’ for the Brooklyn Public Library?

Here’s a way you can help sick kids — and add “troubadour” to your resume. Comment.

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015

New Jersey: Where it is now OK to leave your kid in the car without being charged with child abuse

Rhymes with Crazy: It pains me to say it, but New Jersey is suddenly a light unto us all. Last week, its Supreme Court ruled that it isn’t automatically child abuse to let your kid wait in the car while you pick up the dry cleaning. Comments (4).

Friday, Aug. 28, 2015

Greece-y spoon! Souvlaki House has peddled pitas Downtown for 43 years

Go There Now While You Still Can: It is Brooklyn’s unsung gyro! Comments (2).

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Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Editor’s Picks: Everything is happening in Brooklyn! Comment.

Monster mash-up: ‘Ghoul A Go-Go’ hosts screening on Coney Island

Cinema: It will be a frightfully good time! Comment.

Bay Ridge has a heavy (metal) heart

Bay Ridge Nights: Our friends at will soothe your soul by rocking in the Ridge. Comment.