3 Step Checklist to Better Apartment Building Insurance

Here’s a three-step process to get apartment insurance right.
Photo by Susan De Vries

Insurance rates for multi-family brownstones continue to climb year after year. So here’s a three-step process to help you get the right insurance — at the right price.

Check your options: Will your policy cover common risks such fire, theft, vandalism, liability claims, and natural disasters like hurricanes or flooding? 

Work with Brownstone Agency and they’ll be sure you’ve got additional coverage options like loss of rental income while you’re doing renovations or landlord liability insurance.

Check for discounts: Discounts exist when you install security systems and have a smoke-free building. But Brownstone Agency is the only broker that offers a three-year prepaid policy. Lock in this year’s rate — for three years.

Check the fine print: Brownstone Agency recommends you review the terms and conditions of each insurance policy — especially any exclusions or limitations. But don’t worry, they’ll walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

To protect your investment, reach out to Brownstone Agency today and inquire about locking in a low rate with their three-year prepaid policy