1 gun + 2 thugs = major mayhem

Gun threats

Two hooligans held up a man for $45 with a handgun on Kingsland Avenue on Oct. 6.

The victim told cops that he had just gotten off the L train and was near Herbert Street at about 9:10 pm when the two masked men came up from behind — one holding a gun.

“Give me everything in your pockets,” the scary brute said while the jerk with the gun pointed it at the victim’s face.

When the victim hesitated, the gun-wielder said, “Move quicker or you’re going to get popped.”

That’s when the man dropped $45 and an old cellphone.

Bar flop

A thief held up a bar-hopper just outside The Abbey on N. 10th Street on Oct. 9.

The slurring victim told cops that he left the bar, which is near Bedford Avenue, at about 5:40 am when the thug came up and said, “I am going to take your money.”

The brute wrenched the man’s wallet and Blackberry cell phone out of his hands and fled.


A burglar had all night to steal expensive electronics from a woman’s Richardson Street home on Oct. 5.

The 43-year-old victim said that she had been away all night — but when she returned to her home, which is between Lorimer and Leonard streets, at about 9 am the next day, her flat-screen TV, Playstation, computer and DVD player were gone. She told cops that she accidentally left the fire escape window ajar.

This stinks

A crook with a smell for expensive cologne broke into a Norman Avenue apartment on Oct. 8 and stole some expensive stuff, including the victim’s Gucci body spray!

The fragrant victim said that he left for work that morning — smelling great — but when he returned to his apartment, which is near Diamond Street, at about 9:45 pm, his cologne, backpack, computer and 40-inch TV were gone. He also noticed that his front door had scratches.

Busted through

A quick-handed cretin busted through the front door of a N. Seventh Street apartment on Oct. 8 and stole a bunch of electronics, all during the two-hour window that the tenant was gone.

The victim said she left the home, which is near Kent Avenue, at about 3:30 pm. When she returned at 5:30 pm, the door was broken open and her computers and wireless router were missing.

Killer app

A biking hoodlum snagged an iPhone out of a woman’s hand on Skillman Avenue on Oct. 6 and fled — not realizing that she had a fancy locator on the device.

The victim said that she was jogging near Kingsland Avenue at about 6:35 pm when the perp rode by and snagged the brand new phone. He rode away, but the victim later told cops that she has a special program that allows her to track her phone from any computer. Cops expect to make an arrest soon.

— Andy Campbell