Thieves loot thousands of dollars worth of clothes

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Jacket robbers

Three thieves snagged $6,990 worth of merchandise from a Coney Island Avenue clothing shop on Nov. 18. 

Witnesses told police that the shoplifters broke into the locked door of the storefront between Ocean View Avenue and Brighton 10th Street at around 6 pm and removed two jackets among other miscellaneous items. 

Auto body flop

A weasel threatened an auto mechanic with a pistol for $250 at a Neptune Avenue auto body shop on Nov. 18. 

The victim told police that the goon paid a security deposit to get work done on his car from the repair shop between W. 20th and W. 22nd streets, then came back asking for the money back at around 5 pm and followed the mechanic to an ATM to withdraw the funds.

 Medical burns

A ruffian threatened to burn down an Ocean Parkway hospital on Nov. 18. 

Police said the knuckle-dragger attempted to light the curtains at the medical center between Avenue Z and Shore Parkway at 2:10 am and bit an officer and injured another’s neck when trying to restrain him. 

Fur filcher

A highway robber took furs and a Michael Kors purse from a car parked on Neptune Avenue on Nov. 18.

Victim told police she parked her car between Ocean Parkway and Brighton 3rd Street around 10 pm and upon her return noticed the missing items.