Pirate loots Mermaid Avenue bank

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate


A good-for-nothing nabbed a whopping $37,000 from a Mermaid Avenue check cashing business on Dec. 11. 

An employee told police that the thief pointed a gun through the window inside the business between W. 23rd and W. 24th street at around 10:35 pm, before running off with the money.

Pocket picker

A weasel snagged an 85-year-old woman’s cell phone from her pocket on Brighton First Street on Dec. 11. 

The victim told police the highway robber asked her for money near Brightwater Court at around 2:30 pm, before snagging her phone and fleeing. 

Hand it over

A crook swiped a sleeping straphanger’s iPhone 11 aboard the southbound D train near Stillwell Avenue station on Dec. 13. 

The victim told police he woke up on the train in the station at Mermaid and Stillwell avenues at around 5:45 am, and realized his phone had been stolen.