Three cads violently rob woman



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Pick purse

Three slimeballs stole a woman’s iPhone X Max and $200 in cash on Ocean Avenue on Jan. 7. 

The victim told police that the bad guys punched and kicked her at the intersection of Avenue X at around 5 am, before snagging her belongings and running off. 

Sneakerhead scoundrels

A group of shoplifters stole two pairs of luxury shoes from a Kings Highway store on Jan. 7. 

A witness told police that the sneak thieves grabbed $3,165 worth of merchandise from the store at the intersection of E. 13th Street at around 2:20 pm, before fleeing in a getaway vehicle.

Garage pickers 

Two pilferers looted multiple vehicles parked in an Avenue X parking garage on Jan. 11. 

A victim told police that the good-for-nothings broke into the indoor parking lot on the intersection of E. 27th Street at around 6:20 am and swiped a laptop, a credit card, a wallet, a language book, and a garage key.