Gun-wielding louts violently rob man of gold jewelry

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Gold goons

A team of gun-wielding baddies jumped a man for his gold jewelry at a W. 24th Street apartment on June 17. 

The victim told police that the prowlers hit him with the butt of a gun at the house between Mermaid and Surf avenues at around 1 am, causing him to lose consciousness, before taking the jewelry and running off.

Bodega bust

Three louts attempted unsuccessfully to rob a Mermaid Avenue bodega on June 15.

An employee told police that the trio of bandits attacked them at the store on the intersection of W. 29th Street at around 9 am before fleeing empty handed.  

Delivery dash

Pillagers mugged a delivery man for his bike and food on Surf Avenue on June 18.

The victim told police that the thieves attacked him between W. 25th and W. 27th streets at around 12 pm with a glass bottle, before grabbing the grub and the two-wheeler and running off.