Cops cuff man for allegedly robbing halal cart


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Snack attack

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly beating a halal cart worker on 66th Street on July 26.

The victim told police that the suspect’s accomplice placed an order at the cart near Bay Parkway at 6:50 pm, when the suspect allegedly grabbed him, pulled him out of the cart, and punched him in the chest — before the two men stole $500 from the register and fled.

The victim, who suffered pain to his chest and wrist, identified one of the perpetrators during a search with police, who charged the defendant with a felony robbery, according to police reports. 

Bank heist

A robber stole $858 from a 21st Avenue bank on July 28.

A teller told police that the bandit passed him a note telling him to give over the money inside the bank on the corner of 86th Street at 1:40 pm, which the employee did.

Road rage 

A motorist threatened to punch a man on 74th Street on Aug. 1.

The victim told police that the brute approached his car in a fit of road rage near 16th Avenue just before 8 pm, before saying “Give me everything you’ve got or I’ll punch you,” prompting the victim to fork over $10.