Victim knifed in bar fight


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace


A slasher stabbed a man during a bar fight on Third Avenue on Nov. 16. 

The victim told police that the men began arguing inside the watering hole near 45th Street at around 1 am, when the savage stabbed him in the arm with a knife.


A goon sold heroin to an undercover cop but evaded arrest on Prospect Avenue on Nov. 15.

The dealer exchanged a small bag of the drugs for money near Prospect Parks West at around 12:30 am, but managed to skip out before cops cuffed him, according to police.


A weasel snagged a woman’s wallet on 57th Street on Nov. 13.

The victim told police that the thief grabbed her wallet from her hand between Fourth and Fifth Avenues at around 11 pm, before pushing her against a fence and escaping. 

Shopping spree

A punk vandalized a car that was parked near 37th Street on Nov. 16. 

A witness told police that he was the scoundrel smashing a shopping cart into the car several times because the car blocked him in at around 3 pm.  

Gun running

Cops cuffed a man for alleged possession of a firearm on 47th Street on Nov. 13.

An officer spotted the suspect making a left turn without signaling and pulled him over  near Fifth Avenue at 8 pm, and a subsequent search found the unregistered firearm and an illicit bag of weed, cops said.

Cops cuffed the man on the scene for felony weapons possession, according to police reports.