Slimeballs assault woman during robbery


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Sunset snakes

Two muggers robbed a woman on Fourth Avenue on Dec. 14.

The victim told police that one brute came from behind and pulled her hair at 59th Street at 9:30 pm, while another snatched her purse.

Rock n’ roll 

Some worm looted a parked car on 50th Street on Dec. 21.

The owner told police that he left his car near Third Avenue at around 9:44 am when someone cracked his passenger side window with a rock and made off with $400. 


A brute assaulted a guy on Fifth Avenue on Dec. 22.

The victim told police that the madman was yelling at his wife in his apartment near 39th Street at around 1:51 pm when the victim tried to intervene — causing the bruiser to punch him in the face, breaking his glasses. 

Bank fraud

A scammer stole $22,000 from a guy’s bank account on Fifth Avenue on Dec. 17.

The victim told police that the weasel used stolen checks to withdraw the cash from his account at a bank near 19th Street at around 2 pm. 


Two scumbags robbed a woman on 60th Street on Dec. 23.

The victim told police that the thieves grabbed her purse near Seventh Avenue and fled.