Brute knocks diner worker out and swipes cash and jewelry

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Check please

Some brute robbed a worker inside a Fourth Avenue diner on Nov. 26, taking jewelry and more than $4,000.

The victim told police he was cleaning up inside the eatery between 54th and 55th streets at 3:35 am, when someone whacked him hard on the head and he passed out.

The man awoke outside the restaurant some time later, his gold chain and cash missing, and unsure of exactly who attacked him, according to police.

Bling burglar

A thief ransacked a man’s 41st Street home on Nov. 26, taking $6,000 and jewelry.

The victim told police he left his home between Seventh and Eighth avenues at 4 pm, and returned a few hours later to find his cash — along with a gold chain and bejeweled cross — had been swiped.

Hell for a cell

Cops are hunting two crooks who robbed a man on 57th Street on Dec. 3, taking his phone and $300.

The victim told police the thieves jumped him between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 2:35 am, slugging him twice in the face, as one of them barked, “If you move, I will punch you again.”

The crooks nabbed his iPhone 6S and cash, before fleeing, cops said.

Nail biter

A burglar looted a 52nd Street nail salon on Nov. 26, taking $200.

An employee told police the thief slunk into the beauty parlor between Seventh and Eighth avenues at 6:30 pm, looting the register before fleeing with his ill-gotten cash.

— Colin Mixson