Good samaritan foils purse theft in Cobble Hill


Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill– Red Hook

Knight in shining armor

A hero recovered a purse from a thief who’d stolen the bag from a woman on Baltic Street on July 6. 

The victim told police that the good-for-nothin’ grabbed the $378 designer purse from her hand and ran off at the corner of Smith Street at 6 am, but a quick-thinking motorcyclist who witnessed the incident chased the bandit and retrieved the items.

Missing moped 

A burglar swiped a moped parked on Carroll Street on June 30.

The victim told police that he left his white Vespa, worth $1,200, near Columbia Street at 9 pm, but the scooter was gone when he went to retrieve it at 10:30 pm.

Whiskey business

A nogoodnik nabbed a Whiskey bottle from a Court Street liquor store on July 4.

An employee told police that the pilferer snatched the $55 bottle of brown liquor from his store between Sackett and Degraw streets at 6:50 pm. 

Fancy pants

A pirate stole a package containing $482 worth of clothes from a Strong Place mailbox on June 30.

The victim told cops that the robber snagged the box from his mailbox between Kane and Degraw streets at 5:16 pm.