Cops cuff alleged beer thief on Smith Street

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens—Cobble Hill—Red Hook

Beer bust

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly stealing beer from a Smith Street pharmacy on April 4.

An employee told police that the suspect entered the pharmacy on the corner of President Street at 1:50 am and nabbed the $12 six-pack before leaving the store without paying.

Paint punks

Police arrested two men for allegedly spray painting a fence on Fourth Place on April 2.

Cops say the two defendants were spray painting a tag on city property on the corner of Smith Street at 2:35 am.

Phone fraud

A hoaxer scammed an 82-year-old man out of $5,000 on Amity Street on April 6. 

The victim told police that the scammer called him saying that his grandson had been arrested and needed money to post bail, so the victim handed the money to the con-artist’s co-conspirator between Court and Clinton Street at 12:30 pm before realizing that he had been conned.  

Cold-hearted crime

A bandit stole $95 worth of cold medicine from a Smith Street pharmacy on April 2.

An employee told police that the burglar nabbed $95 worth of children’s Tylenol and Robitussin from the store on the corner of Warren Street at 2:15 pm before leaving the store and running northbound on Smith Street.