Brute assaults man in fit of road rage


Park Slope

Road rager 

A villain assaulted a man in a fit of road rage on Sixth Avenue on Jan. 16. 

The victim told police that the bruiser socked him in the face near 11th Street at 12:35 pm before running off. 

Window basher 

Some rake vandalized a Fifth Avenue pizzeria on Jan. 15.

The store owner told police that the rapscallion kicked in the window of the restaurant near 14th Street at around 8:30 pm, causing $500 in damages.


Cops cuffed a suspect for alleged possession of a crackpipe on Warren Street on Jan. 20. 

Patrolling officers came across the man in the staircase of a public housing development at around 5:44 pm, where they allegedly found a pipe with crack residue in his pockets. 

Cops arrested the man and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance.


Cops cuffed two youths for allegedly vandalizing a Fifth Avenue store on Jan. 17. 

Police allegedly witnessed the the two alleged vandals spray painting the words “WACK” and “OPEN” on the gate of a wine store near Union Street. 

Authorities cuffed the two youths on the scene and charged them with making graffiti.