Police respond to gunshots on Fifth Avenue


Park Slope

Shots fired 

“Shotspotter” technology detected gunfire on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 18.

The device picked up two rounds of gunfire near Warren Street at around 6:13 pm, but no 911 call was made, and police could not find evidence at the scene.


Cops cuffed a woman for allegedly trespassing at an Eighth Avenue homeless shelter on Feb. 17. 

Shelter employees told police that the suspect entered the shelter near 14th Street at around 2:15 pm after being banned from the shelter, and refused to leave. 

Authorities arrived and cuffed the women for criminal trespassing. 


Some trespasser crept on a Bergen Street apartment building on Feb. 21.

Residents of the building told police that they saw the prowler on the second floor of the building near Fifth Avenue at around 1:15 am, but when they confronted him, he ran off.