Gang of goons violently rob man Downtown


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Brutal revenge

A band of bruisers ambushed a guy on Fulton Street on Nov. 13.
The victim told police he was confronted by a guy who he had a fight with about a year prior, along with 15 of his friends, at Hoyt Street at 3:15 pm, before the posse punched and kicked him and grabbed his phone, headphones, and sweatpants.


Two villains jumped a guy on Gold Street on Nov. 11.
The victim told police that the two good-for-nothings approached near Nassau Street at 5 pm and grabbed his phone and AirPods, at 5 pm.

Subway swipe!

Cops arrested a man they suspect of punching a subway conductor at Cadman Plaza W. on Nov. 11.
The victim told police that the man stuck his foot in the train’s closing door near Henry Street at 5 pm, but when the conductor told the defendant to stop, the suspect allegedly punched him three times in the face.
Cops arrested the man at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station some 20 minutes later and slapped him with felony assault charges, the authorities said. The victim went to Cobble Hill hospital for treatment, according to police.

Apple thief

A looter snatched a phone from an Atlantic Avenue store on Nov. 15.
Witnesses told police that the man went into the store near Fourth Avenue at 7 pm and yanked an iPhone 11 from a display table, before bolting toward Flatbush Avenue.

Legging it

Thieves bagged some pricey jeans at a Gold Street store on Nov. 10.
Witnesses told police that the shoplifters stole more than $1,300-worth of jeans by putting them in trash bags near Flatbush Avenue Ext. at 5:10 pm.