Blade toting sneakerhead bags shoes Downtown


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A knife-toting villain stole a pair of shoes from an Atlantic Avenue department store on Jan. 29.
A store employee told police that, near Boerum Place at 7:10 pm, the bandit took the footwear and tried to leave without paying.
When the worker tried to stop him, the bad guy threatened him with a blade, before pedaling off on his bike toward Court Street, according to police reports.

Rough and tumble

Some yahoo tried to rob a restaurant worker on Henry Street on Jan 31.
The victim told cops that, between Middagh and Cranberry streets at 7:55 am, he was about to open the Italian eatery when the rogue ambushed him with a knife demanding money.
The two scuffled before the nogoodnik hightailed it on Middagh Street to Columbia Heights, according to the authorities.

Cut it out

A shoplifter threatened clothing store workers with a knife at the Fulton Mall on Jan. 26.
A store employee told police that, between Duffield and Bridge streets at 4 pm, the reprobate tried to bag a jacket and hoodie, when security locked the front door to stop him from leaving.
The wretch pulled out a boxcutter and said, “Someone better open this door before someone gets sliced,” but then decided to flee through the back door toward Willoughby Street, according to police.

His own mother!

Police are on the hunt for a some scumbag who choked and robbed his mom at their Sands Street home on Jan. 27.
The victim told cops that, at Navy Street at 6:10 pm, she got into a war of words with her offspring, which escalated when he choked her, slammed her to the ground, stole her phone, and fled the apartment.

Gunning for cash

An armed rustler robbed a Flatbush Avenue bank on Jan. 28.
A teller told police that, at Nevins Street just before 3 pm, the villain waltzed in and said, “Hurry up this is a hold up, hurry I need hundreds,” while threatening the worker with a silver handgun.
He bagged $1,000 and fled toward Barclays Center, police said.

Busted burglar

Cops collared a man they say stole $17,000-worth of jackets from a Water Street boutique on Jan. 26.
A store worker told cops that, between Dock and Main streets at 5:20 am, the suspect along with another man allegedly broke the side glass door and took several coats.
Police picked up one of the alleged perptrators the next day at Utica Avenue and Bergen Street in Crown Heights and charged him with felony burglary, according to police reports.