Menace bashes man’s head with cane


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A brute hospitalized a man during an attack with a cane on Willoughby Street on Feb. 22

The victim told police that the goon whacked him in the head with the stick at Lawrence Street just before 9:10 pm.

Paramedics treated the injured victim at nearby Brooklyn Hospital for his wounds, according to police reports. 

Criminal incense

Knife-toting knaves nabbed a bunch of perfumes from a Fulton Mall department store on Feb. 26.

Employees told police that the pair of pilferers took several bottles from the business between Duffield and Bridge streets around 4:15 pm, and when a worker tried to stop them, one of the criminals pulled out a blade and said, “It’s not worth losing your life.”

Hard hitter

Police cuffed a man for allegedly beating up a guy with a metal bat at a Schermerhorn Street bodega on Feb. 22.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly swung the bar at him repeatedly at Bond Street at 11:45 am, hitting him several times. 

Cops arrested the man on the spot and charged him with felony assault, according to police reports.

Knife vs. leg

Some ne’er-do-well stabbed a woman in the leg near her Sands Street home on Feb. 24.

The victim told police that the slasher pierced her in the limb near Navy Street just after midnight. 

The bloodied woman then walked all the way to Cobble Hill hospital for treatment of her wound, according to police reports.

Placard abuse

A filcher raided a firefighter’s car on Willoughby Street on the night of Feb. 21.

The victim told police that the nogoodnik broke into her parked car between Duffield and Bridge streets and stole her Fire Department parking placard, her car registration, coat, boots, and book bag.

E-bike swipe

A quick-thinking bandit stole a deliveryman’s e-bike on Atlantic Avenue on Feb. 22.

The victim told police that he left his two-wheeler for ten minutes with the back wheel locked between Hicks and Columbia streets at 5:25 pm before some sneaky thief stole it.