Gun-wielding robs man


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Park ambush

A gun-wielding robber stole a man’s cellphone in Fort Greene Park on Dec. 23.

The victim told police that the knave jumped him and demanded his iPhone 8 at the corner of Washington Park and Myrtle Avenue at 11:40 am, before displaying a gun and grabbing the unlocked phone.

Blade-wielding bandit

Police arrested a man they suspect of robbing a Myrtle Avenue grocery store at knife-point on Dec. 24.

An employee told police that the 54-year-old suspect allegedly grabbed soap, air fresheners, and oils and fled the store between Hall and Ryerson streets at 6:40 pm, and when the employee chased him, he pulled out a box cutter and swung it at him and other workers. 

Police arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested the suspect on felony robbery charges, according to police reports.

Candy crooks

Cops cuffed two men who allegedly robbed a Fulton Street deli on Dec. 24.
The victim told police that the suspects took a candy box, trashed the bodega, and swiped him in the head at 9:55 pm between S. Portland Avenue and Hanson Place.
Cops caught up with the men on Fulton Street near Bedford Avenue at 11:13 pm and arrested them on felony robbery charges, according to the authorities.


A group of goons robbed a man on Park Avenue on Dec. 27.

The victim told police that the six scumbags went through his pants and jacket pockets underneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at N. Oxford Street at 6:30 pm, before running off with his phone, keys, cash, and wallet.


Some dirtbag jumped a guy on Fort Greene Place on Dec. 28.
The victim told police the villain grabbed him from behind, putting him in a chokehold, and said, “ We’re going to do this, give me your wallet phone, everything in your pockets,” while pushing a metal object — possibly a knife — against his side, between Lafayette Avenue and Hanson Place at 5 am.
The victim gave the wretch his phone and wallet and the thief hightailed it toward Lafayette Avenue, according to police.

Slicey situation

Six scofflaws ambushed a man outside a Dekalb Avenue pizza place on Dec. 28.

The victim told police that one of the bandits punched him in the head while another held him at knifepoint between St. Felix Street and Fort Greene Place at 9:50 pm, before the villains grabbed his wallet and fled, while shouting  “go back to Mexico.”

Face slasher

A slasher cut a guy’s face at Navy Walk on Dec. 23.

The victim told police the criminal slashed him near Myrtle Avenue at 4:40 pm.

Paramedics brought him to Methodist hospital for treatment of serious injuries, according to a police report.

Pipe it!

A bodega employee attacked a guy with a pipe on Fulton Street on Dec. 24.

The victim told police that he entered the store  between Hanson Place and S. Portland Avenue at 11:15 pm to retrieve his headphones, before getting into a fight with the store employees, before one of them grabbed a metal pipe and smacked him in the leg.

Paramedics brought the victim to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment, according to police reports.