Cops cuff woman for alleged bleach attack


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Chemical weapon 

Police arrested a woman they suspect of attacking a man with bleach at her Clinton Avenue home on March 31.
The victim told police that at 2 pm, between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street, the defendant allegedly came into his room and thew the chemical on his face, causing a burning swelling, before splashing it on his bed, walls, and microwave, police said.

Cops arrived at the scene, arrested the woman, and served her with felony assault charges.

Credit scammer

Some huckster stole $650 from a man by opening up a fraudulent credit account in his name at N. Elliott Walk on April 3.

The victim told police that the scammer used his personal information to create the credit account and stole the money of the man near St. Edwards Street at 4:30 pm.

Elder swindler

A scumbag scammed an elderly lady out of $5,000 at Lafayette Avenue on April 3.

The victim told police that the charlatan called her pretending to be her grandson and told her to withdraw the money and hand it over to a man who came to pick it up at her door, between St. James Place and Classon Avenue at 1 pm.

The woman later spoke to her actual grandson and found out the scheme was a scam.

Bag bandit

A thief snatched a woman’s backpack and belongings from her car on Washington Avenue on April 4.

The victim told police that, between Willoughby and Myrtle avenues at noon, the nogoodnik opened her unlocked car and grabbed the bag before hightailing it.

Car buster

A carjacker stole a man’s car parked at Park Avenue on the night of March 29.

The victim told police that he left his car near Navy Street around 7 pm and when he came back the next morning at 6:30 am, he found the car to be gone, with some broken glass on the ground of where he’d left it.