Do-gooder retrieves woman’s stolen backpack


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Got your back!

A Good Samaritan saved a woman’s backpack after a group of prowlers ambushed her on Ashland Place on on May 23. 

The victim told police that, at Fulton Street at 9:30 pm, one of the malefactors cut in front of her and blocked her, while two others walked up from behind and punched her in the face. 

They then took her bag but a witness chased them and took it back from them near Rockwell Place, according to police reports. 

Subway swipe!

A brute punched and robbed a senior citizen at the Fulton Street G train stop on May 27.
The victim, 74, told police that at the station’s mezzanine just after 11:30 am, the rogue punched him in the neck and face, knocking him to the ground, and took $80 and MetroCards before making a run for it. 

Wood whip

Some stick-swinging galoot attacked a man at Fort Greene Park on May 24. 

The victim told police that, near Myrtle Avenue and Washington Park around 12:25 pm, the attacker batted him before hitting him and biting his back and fleeing north into nearby public housing. 


Cops arrested a guy they say punched a bus driver on Lafayette Avenue on May 27.
The victim told cops that, while driving a B38 near Clinton Avenue, the suspect allegedly hit him in the face after an argument about closing the bus doors on the defendant. 

The victim was taken to Methodist and police arrested the man at the location for felony assault, according to police reports. 

Home invaders

Looters raided a man’s Classon Avenue home between May 21-23.
The victim told police that, between 9:30 pm on the first date and noon on the second, and between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street, purloiners broke into his house and took his laptop and wireless headphones.