Gun-simulating wretch bags bottle of wine


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Veni, vidi, vino

Police are on the hunt for a bandit who stole booze from a Fulton Street liquor store on Jan. 5.
The victim told cops that, at St Felix Street at 2:35 pm, the hooch looter nabbed a bottle of wine while simulating a gun through his jacket, before making a run for it. 

Gang attack

A posse of goons ambushed a man on Dekalb Avenue in the early hours of Jan. 6.

The victim told police that, between Washington Park and Carlton Avenue at 12:45 am, the trio walked up from behind and asked him for a smoke, before pulling him to the ground and kicking him. 

The ruffians stole snatched his wallet and fled to Fort Greene Park, according to police reports. 

Bad ex

Some scumbag pushed and robbed his ex-girlfriend on Cumberland Walk on Jan. 8. 

The victim told cops that, near Carlton and Myrtle avenues just after 4 am, her former beau wrestled her to the ground and took her phone from her car before fleeing the scene. 

Elder abuse

Police arrested a woman they say punched an elderly man at the suspects Adelphi Street home on Jan. 5.
The victim, 66, told police that, between Myrtle and Park avenues around 11:10 pm, the defendant allegedly punched him in the face and body before grabbing his right arm. 

Cops arrested the woman on the scene for felony assault charges at 11:40 pm, according to police reports. 


A thief made off with almost $170,000 worth of camera equipment from a Grand Avenue storage facility between Dec. 17-Jan 5.
The victim told cops that, at noon on the latter date, he found that someone had replaced his lock at the site at Park Avenue. 

When he got access to his locker, he found someone had re-arranged and taken cameras, lenses, accessories, and audio equipment worth $169,500 from the lot, according to police reports.