Slashers cut man

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

S. Portland Slasher

Some brutes slashed a man walking on S. Portland Avenue on Feb. 22.

The victim told police he was walking near Fulton Street at 10:30pm when multiple men attacked him and one slashed him across the back with a sharp object, leaving him with serious lacerations.

Emergency responders took the victim to New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for treatment.

Bruiser beats pair of friends

A bruiser fought a woman on Fleet Walk and injured her friend when she tried to intervene on Feb. 23.

Police said the victim’s friend got into a physical altercation with a stranger near Navy Street at about 5pm. When the victim tried to step in to break up the tussle, the stranger hit her on the back of the head with a blunt object, breaking the skin. Officers searched the area for the suspect without success.

The victim was taken to New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist hospital with minor injuries.

Umbrella attacker

A baddie attacked a woman with an umbrella on Tillary Street on Feb. 26.

It was about 1am when the attacker allegedly approached the victim near Prince Street and hit her in the face multiple times with the umbrella, police said, leaving her bruised and bleeding.

Cops arrested the suspect on the scene, while EMS treated the victim.

Felony on Fleet Walk

Some jerk punched someone in the face on Fleet Walk on Feb. 26.

Police said the lout allegedly threatened the victim with a knife, asking “What are you going to do now?” then punched him in the face at about 2pm near Navy Street.

Officers arrested the possible perpetrator for felony assault later that day.

Dark room dispute

A resident got physical with her roommate at the Tillary Street Women’s Shelter on Feb. 27.

The victim told police the two were arguing over turning on the lights in their dark room close to 2am when one allegedly started shoving the victim, then hit her on the head repeatedly with a padlock.

The alleged attacker was arrested that night.

Coat stolen on night out

A punk stole a jacket from a bar on Greene Avenue on Feb. 22.

The victim said hung her pricey Canada Goose coat up upon arriving at the joint near Grand Avenue at about midnight. About an hour later, the coat, which had two car key fobs in its pockets, was gone.

Wallet stolen, cards used

A delivery worker was dropping off  food on Ashland Place on Feb. 22 when he got a text that someone was trying to use his credit card.

Police said the victim realized someone had broken into his parked vehicle sometime before 5pm and stolen his iPhone and his wallet, which contained his license, credit and debit cards, and cash. He cancelled the cards after getting the warning texts, and all of the mysterious transactions were, luckily, declined.

Repair workers rip wallet

Some nefarious construction workers stole a wallet from a St. James Place apartment on Feb. 23.

The victim told police there were multiple workers repairing his apartment near Lafayette Avenue that afternoon. He set his wallet down at about 1:45 pm and realized 15 minutes later that the wallet and all its contents, including multiple credit cards, had been whisked away.