88th Precinct: Crook steals convenience store taquitos

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Crook steals convenience store taquitos

Some crook swiped a bunch of the iconic 7/11 taquitos from the Flatbush Avenue Extension location on Oct. 10.

Police said the baddie, who was known by employees, entered the store near Fulton Street just before 3pm and grabbed a bunch of the tasty treasures. An employee went up to the thief to ask if he was going to pay, and the jerk shoved him as he moved toward the exit. The employee followed the perp outside, where he walked off while showing off a brightly-colored Nerf gun.

Worm shoplifts weed

A worm allegedly stole some marijuana flower from a Fulton Street convenience store on Oct. 13.

The victim told cops the alleged thief grabbed some Delta-8 marijuana from a shelf in a convenience store near Cambridge Place at 11:15am and made for the exit. When the employee tried to stop the jerk and take the pot back, the shoplifter punched him in the eye and started fighting him.

Cops arrested the suspect on the scene, and the employee was left with a bruised eye and injured hand.

Armed restaurant robbery

A bruiser robbed a South Portland Avenue restaurant at gunpoint on Oct. 13.

Police said the bandit walked into Yang No. 1 Asian Restaurant near Fulton Street just after 2pm and pulled a gun at the counter while demanding money from the register. He then walked behind the counter and grabbed the cash himself before fleeing toward Hanson Place on foot. Cops searched the area without success.

Man shot by stranger, arrested for firearm

Some tough shot a stranger on Fleet Walk on Oct. 15.

The victim told cops two men wearing masks walked up to him after he got out of his car near Prince Street at 8:30pm. The three started tussling — and one of the jerks pulled a gun and fired, shooting the victim in the right leg before fleeing.

When cops arrived on the scene, they realized the victim was also in possession of a firearm and arrested him. He was transported to Bellevue Hospital by ambulance for treatment of his gunshot wound.

Pharmacy break-in

A sneak broke into a Flatbush Avenue pharmacy on Oct. 14.

Police said the owner locked up Siri Pharmacy near Fulton Street at about 7pm and headed home. When he got back to the store to open up at about 10:30 the next morning, he was shocked to discover the alarm system control box was completely gone — and the front door was forced open. Inside, he found the store’s safe busted open on the floor and $12,000 in cash missing. The jerk also stole $300 in cash from the register, according to the victim.