Menaces violently rob man’s Adderall


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Adderall ambush

A group of brutes assaulted a man and stole his medication outside a Myrtle Avenue pharmacy on Nov. 20. 

The victim told police that the three thieves punched him in the face at Washington Park at 9:40 am, before stealing his Adderall and fleeing toward Fort Greene Park. 

Head banger

Some tough hospitalized a man after hitting him with a blunt object on Dekalb Avenue on Nov. 22.

The victim told police that he nogoodnik smacked him in the right ear by Rockwell Place just after 1 pm, causing cuts to his head. 

The victim went to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment of his injuries, according to police reports. 

Burglary bust

Police arrested a man for allegedly trying to break into a Hanson Place condo building on the night of Nov. 16. 

The victims told police that the suspect allegedly forced his way into a commercial part of the building at Ashland Place around 11 pm. 

Cops arrived at the scene and arrested him on felony burglary charges just before 12:30 am, according to police reports. 

Overnight loot

A raider looted a Myrtle Avenue diner in the early hours of Nov. 18.

Surveillance footage shows the bandit throwing a brick through the front-door window of the eatery between Washington and Waverly avenues just after 4 am, before grabbing the cash register with $840 and fleeing toward Hall Street, according to police reports. 

Crime ring

Burglars ransacked a Myrtle Avenue donut chain on the night of Nov. 21. 

The store owners told police that the invaders broke into the store at Grand Avenue overnight, and stole $700 in cash and a computer tablet.