A bad sign: City posts ‘Meserole Avenue’ on Meserole Street

A bad sign: City posts ‘Meserole Avenue’ on Meserole Street
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

What a mess-erole!

The Department of Transportation installed a street sign bearing the name of Greenpoint’s Meserole Avenue on Williamsburg’s Meserole Street this month, confounding locals who say commuters are already confused enough by the two thoroughfare’s similar names and close proximity.

“It’s always been such a mess,” said Daniel Perez, who has been living in the neighborhood for 35 years. “It’s just so confusing.”

The agency installed the sign at Graham Avenue “earlier this month,” according to a department spokeswoman, and a worker finally replaced it with a correct post on Friday afternoon — shortly after this paper started asking questions about it.

But it doesn’t really fix the underlying confusion between the two streets, said one longtime neighbor — and he doesn’t think the city cares enough to change it.

“The city doesn’t give a s—,” said a worker at a nearby bike shop, who identified himself only as “Mike on a Bike.” “I’ve lived here 50 years, nothing has changed. The confusion is the same.”

Meserole Street — which runs between Union and Scott avenues in Williamsburg — and the avenue in Greenpoint — bookended by Franklin and N. Henry streets — are both named for the Meserole family, one of Greenpoint’s founding families, which moved to the area in 1663.

Fixed: A worker changes the replaces the Meserole Avenue sign with a Meserole Street one on the afternoon of Sept. 23.
Community News Group / Sarah Dougan