A beer for $1? Yes, really

A beer for $1? Yes, really
Photo by Steve Solomonson

We’re calling “Shenanigans” on the prices at Shenanigans!

Shenanigans Pub in Kensington is reversing the trend of inflation on alcohol by selling a mug of beer for just $1 on “Mug Mondays” — making the Caton Avenue watering hole the cheapest bar in Brooklyn, according to bar staffers.

“We never decided to be the cheapest bar in Brooklyn, it just played out that way,” said Kathleen McCarthy, the owner’s daughter who is also the pub’s manager and bartender. “People will order drinks and I’ll tell them how much it is and they’ll be like, ‘Really?’ ”

Mondays aren’t the only days with cheap drinks: well drinks are normally $4, and pints $3.

The most expensive drink on the menu is $6.

Dollar beer night might be a new milestone for Brooklyn — in June 2008, before the economy tanked in the great recession, the cheapest beer our researchers could find was a $1.75 brew.

But microbrew lovers beware: you won’t find any fancy beers on Mug Mondays, when you can only two-fist Budweiser, Killians, and Foster’s, as the bar doesn’t even stock lesser labels.

But that’s part of Shenanigan’s no-nonsense charm, McCarthy says.

“We try to keep it real and keep it customer friendly,” said McCarthy. “We’re not about counting everybody’s money, we want everyone having a good time.”

Shenanigans Pub [802 Caton Ave. at E. Eighth Street in Kensington, (347) 398–1905].

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