A brutal scary mugging on Berry Street

90th Precinct


Berry bad

A gunman robbed a man on Berry Street on July 31 as he was coming home from work.

The victim was wearing headphones near S. Fifth Street at 7:55 pm, when the robber approached and said, “Lay on the ground, count to 30, give me all you got.”

The victim gave up his wallet and an iPod.

Boxcutter scare

A perp with a boxcutter threatened a woman and stole her phone on Montrose Avenue on July 28.

The woman and her two friends were near Manhattan Avenue at 9 pm, when they stopped at a store below the victim’s apartment building.

The perp, wearing a black and red bandana, approached the woman and waved an orange box cutter. He grabbed her purse, and fled on a bicycle.

Fishy delivery

A thief robbed a sushi delivery-man inside a S. Second Street building on July 26,

The delivery man attempted to bring the food to the building near Hooper Street at 2:50 pm, but no one answered the apartment door.

Instead, two teenagers approached, and one said, “Don’t call the police or I’ll kill you.” They took $500 from his pocket and his electric scooter.


A perp took a woman’s phone on Keap Street on July 30.

The victim told police that she was near Hope Street at 8:53 pm, when the perp approached from behind and said, “Is the door broken?” He grabbed her phone and ran, but a witness chased after the perp and took the phone back.

Text addict

A perp took a woman’s phone while she was texting on it on Manhattan Avenue on July 27.

The woman was near Devoe Street at 9 pm, when the perp ran up, snatched her phone, and ran away.

Resident Ford

A thief stole a Ford from Devoe Street overnight on July 28.

The driver parked near Judge Street at 8 pm, but the car was gone by 9 am the next day.


A thief stole a Toyota — and a bass guitar and amp — on Kent Avenue on July 29.

The driver left his car near S. Fourth Street at midnight, but when he returned at 2 pm, he saw that his car was missing.

— Aaron Short