A great adventure — without ever leaving the five boroughs

A great adventure — without ever leaving the five boroughs
Photo by Nathan Kensinger

By Juliet Linderman

Want to explore the depths of the sewer system, a labrynth of abandoned subway tunnels or a condemned mental institution on the outskirts of town — without getting dirty, injured, or arrested?

Head to Union Docs in Williamsburg on Nov. 20 for a lively panel discussion and multi-media presentation, on — you guessed it! — the geography and history of New York’s hidden treasures.

“New York is endlessly fascinating to explore,” said photographer and documentarian Nathan Kensinger, who has documented his own urban adventures throughout the five boroughs in photo essays that he will screen at the event. “There are so many layers and secrets; you could explore for decades — a whole lifetime — and still not know it all.”

The discussion will also feature four “street historians”: writer Kevin Walsh, who runs the website, Forgotten NY; film location scout Nick Carr; co-founder of historical tour company Urban Oyster, Cindy Vanden Bosch; and urban planner Moses Gates, who is currently knee-deep in a three-pronged project to climb every bridge, visit every abandoned subway station and walk all 2,217 census tracts in the city.

“Block by Block: New York Street Historians” at Union Docs [322 Union Ave. between Maujer and Ten Eyck streets in Williamsburg, (718) 395-7902], Nov. 20, 7 pm, $9 suggested donation. For info, visit www.uniondocs.org.

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