A Labor Day G-saster!

Unless the apocalyptic fury of Mother Nature’s hateful wrath descends upon us again, it’ll be pretty smooth sailing for subway riders during the long weekend (except for the G — but you knew that). Read on for all the news that affects your commute. (Saturday, Sept. 3 at 12:01 am to Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 5 am unless otherwise noted):

4: Brooklyn-bound trains run local from Franklin Avenue to Utica-Avenue.

D: Manhattan-bound trains run on the N from Stillwell Avenue to 36th Street. Stillwell Avenue-bound trains skip 71st Street (all times).

F: All trains skip Smith-Ninth Street (all times).

G: No trains between Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street and Church Avenue. Take the F instead. All trains skip Smith-Ninth Street (all times).

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Information courtesy of New York City Transit — and is accurate at press time. Community Newspaper Group is not responsible for last-minute changes made by the agency.