A tale of two Yards at hearing

“I’m here to fight for good jobs, for jobs to improve the United States. We’ve been bombing for eight years, it’s time to build and build for the good. … I don’t see too many negatives, just a lot of positives. We’ve been spending money to destroy stuff for a lot of years, so anything built in America to me is a good thing.” Frank Basile, Queens
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

Both sides of the Atlantic Yards saga — mostly construction workers in favor and neighbors of the project footprint in opposition — were out in force at Wednesday’s hearing in Downtown. Here’s what our sharp-earred reporter heard.

“Ratner definitely shouldn’t get any tax breaks — that’s our money that they’ve pulled out the affordable housing. It’s not right. I’m for putting that money back into the community.”
Beverly Corbin, Wyckoff Gardens
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

“I support the plan because jobs are needed in New York. It’s tough enough as it is with the recession. … We’re not destroying the neighborhood, we’re just developing the neighborhood. … You can’t stop progress.”
Joe Gelo, Staten Island
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

“It is very important to provide opportunities for people to better their lives. The plan is providing housing, recreation, and career opportunities… It’s also about our futute. 10, 15, 20 years from now, what can we provide our children? This is about our future.”
Anthony Williamson, Downtown
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

“I’m against the project because I live in a building that’s going to be demolished. It’s ridiculous to put an enormous stadium in the middle of a residential neighborhood. … They’re taking property from poor people and giving it to rich people.”
Jonathan Willner, Prospect Heights
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

“It’s over-development. … What I love about Brooklyn is the sky and the people. The buildings will obliterate the heart of Brooklyn by casting permanent shadows in certain neighborhoods. … High buildings are for Manhattan and Dubai, but not Brooklyn.”
Susan Zugaib, Park Slope
The Brooklyn Paper / Jared Foretek

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